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What are you going to do with all of your Halloween candy!?  Here are a few great ideas of low prep, high engagement activities!

Halloween is over, and now you have PILES of candy! Your kids have candy! You have candy left over at home! You have candy that you don't want to eat, so what are you going to do with all of it?! If you're anything like me you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible so you don't eat it all, right?!

Have students use candy and toothpicks to build a tower with leftover Halloween candy.

One fun activity is to have students BUILD with their Halloween candy! They love doing this because they are able to take their candy and create something out of it! Be careful with any allergies you might have in class though, to make sure that you aren't exposing students with peanut allergies to candy they shouldn't be touching! We used toothpicks and candy, that was it!

Have students compare candy to see which one ways more, but have them guess first so they can check their guesses!

Have your students compare their candy to see which one will weigh more! This is a great way for them to guess and then check their answers!  It was interesting to see which candy was the heaviest in the class as well!

Put different types of candy in water and see which candy will dissolve first, or if all candies will dissolve!  Have students guess first, and talk about why some does and does not!

Watching anything in water is fun because students are able to see it happen! Use clear cups so then students won't have to touch or move the cups to watch this happen! We filled each cup with water, and then labeled the cups with what kind of candy we were putting in!  Then they guessed which candy would dissolve the fastest, and we watched to see what would happen.  We left our cups for a few days, until they started to smell, so we could see what happened over a longer time!

Use a balance scale to weigh leftover Halloween candy!

Using a balance scale I had students weigh candy! This was a great way for them to practice their reasoning as well as they were putting the weights on! Plus, they had to use math as they were totaling the weights to figure out the total!

Another way to use the extra candy is to count all of the different types of candy that were brought in! Students can estimate and guess which candy they think the class will have the most of!

If you love these ideas, and are looking for ways to have your students record these answers, feel free to check out my Candy Math and Science where I have all of this explained and all of your recording sheets ready for you!!
Create your own banners in power point!

Reading Move Your Bus this summer was the best thing for my career! I LOVE Ron Clark and the inspiration that the book has brought to me.  I am going into my tenth year of my career and was feeling defeated this past year.  This book brought life back into me and I am so excited to start my new journey with a renewed spirit!
Displaying student work with clothespins is a great way to quickly change out work and show off more work throughout the year.

I love displaying student work around the classroom in different areas.  I love displaying student work using clothespins because then I don't have to staple into their work.  It also allows me to quickly change the work so that way I can put up different work weekly.  I bought these placemats at The Dollar Tree in two packs!!  These are very similar, but are round and not as long as the ones I bought a few years ago.

Having a hallway display is a great way to give a preview to upcoming students, and a fun reminder for past students.

In the hallways I like using the placemats and clothespins again so that way I can change them quickly in the hall too!  This allows younger students to see what they have to look forward to in the coming years.  It is also fun for the older students to remember what they did in previous years.  We have lockers in our halls, so I was able to put these placemats up above the lockers.  I am not able to change these as quickly as I do the ones in my classroom, but by using the clothespins it does allow me to change it easier.

Whole class displays are important so that all students feel as if their work is important!

I use string and clothespins to display student work for a whole class wall.  This is a great way to show off a whole class display.  You can add more layers of string if you have a bigger class, or bigger worksheets to display.  I love having the solid black background as well because it helps everything else pop!

How do you display your student work?  How often do you change the work that you put up in your classroom!?  I would love to hear your ideas!

There are many important ways to keep your bus moving!  You want to make sure that your whole staff is on the same page so that way you can keep your bus moving in the direction you want it to!

Top 5 school supplies every classroom teacher needs to have and where you can find them!  LOVE school supplies!

These five supplies are what every teacher needs in their classroom!  I share my top 5 supplies and where you can buy them!
Managing papers is something that we struggle with, and something that we need to make sure that we take care of so we can organize our classrooms.

Managing papers is one of the hardest things to do, and one of the things that we tweak and work on every year.  I have come up with a system that I believe works for me, and helps keep the paper pile to a minimum and keeps the papers off my desk!

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