Happy Sunday evening!  Where did our weekend go!?!

I am linking up tonight with Teaching Trio to bring you this week's Sunday Scoop!

Let's just say my Happy to, and my hope to are further hope on my To Do list, even though my Have To need to be finished by the end of the week.  (I am excited about my Ruth study though!!)
I'm happy to be linking up this morning with Christina from Sugar and Spice!!  I haven't been able to link up in a few weeks, but I love this link up!!

I am so excited to share my picture today!!  I have AMAZING friends!!

My question is, which cover should I get!?!  I am going to get the life planner, not a teacher planner, I already know that, but which cover should I get!?!

Happy Sunday evening!!  Usually on Sunday nights I am excited for the upcoming week, and ready to get to it Monday morning.  Tonight, I am tired!!

We were able to attend the Casting Crowns concert Friday night, and the concert went until 11!!  That is way past my bedtime on a Friday night, but the concert was amazing!!!

Tonight I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio to bring you my Sunday scoop!!

I am so excited to be linking up with the Teaching Trio again for their Sunday scoop!!

This past week was a hard week for me personally, and I am excited to say that we had friends over for dinner on Wednesday, and then after bible study on Friday night I have new motivation and hope for the future!!  I love what I do, but knowing that there are people out there praying for me as I go about my day, and that God is always with me has really been made abundantly clear to me this week!

We are hosting a bible study in our home that starts tomorrow night!!  I am a little nervous since one of the couples I don't really know at all.  I have met them once.  Since it's at our house that means my kiddos will be around too, so it will be interesting to see how they adjust to having people in our home every Monday night.

I've included this freebie for you today because this is something that I am going to work on filling out every week!  I need to make sure that I am taking my time every DAY to be in the Word, but I want to make sure I stay on top of everything else too!  Working out has been on the back burner for A WHILE, but it's time to get my butt back in gear!!

The beginning of the school year has really got me trying to figure out how to get everything done!  I have 24 students again this year, but no aide this year.  I know I was spoiled last year, but my class is so diverse this year I am trying to figure out how to meet them all where they are.

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Monday school was cancelled!  The rain woke my husband and I up around 3, and it was raining pretty hard all morning!  My son and I were about a block away from school when we got the call that school was cancelled.  We were happy to go home and have a PJ day!!  We spent the day playing puzzles, watching toons, playing Mario, and running around!!  It was a great unexpected day to our weekend!!

I started our first science unit this week.  We are starting with life science.  We spend a lot of time looking at plants, ecosystems, adaptations and fossils.  I spent a lot of time outlining the unit last year, and then this year we bought new curriculum.  I spent part of Sunday going through and re outlining what I was doing.  I was able to spend part of Monday looking at more stuff too, thank you rainy day!! 

Tuesday night when I got home from work I was SOOO tired!  I am guessing it was from staying up late Monday night watching Bachelor in Paradise and then Shark Tank!  Any ways, I was finally able to get my son to bed by 7:45, and I was asleep not too long after!!  I woke up Wednesday night feeling like a million dollars though!  If only I could go to sleep that early every night!

Shark Tank has been the hubby's newest favorite show, so we have watched it every night this week!  It is cool to see the new ideas that people have, but crazy to think how much money these people have to invest!!  We have some new shows set for our DVR too!  We can't wait for Gotham and Red Band Society.

I have a new favorite worship song right now.  We sang it at my parent's church on Sunday when I was there, and a few weeks ago when I was there too.  I was so happy that we had the All Sons and Daughters CD in our car too so I could rock out to it on my drive home from my parent's house on Sunday!

This morning I am linking up with Christina for Wordless Wednesday!  I love this linky party, but have been so bad about linking up since school started!!

Do you plan out your outfits for the week?!  Do you post them on IG with #ootd!?!  I would love to follow your #ootd if you do!  Leave your IG name in the comments so I can check out what you are wearing to school!
I love checking IG each morning when I wake up!  It is my favorite thing to do in the morning.  The friends I have on IG are amazing!!  Plus these ladies are so inspiring!  My favorite part of checking IG in the morning is seeing what everyone is wearing!!

I love posting my #ootd too!!  I am also such a planner that I plan out my outfits ahead of time.  I don't have time to pick something out in the morning because more often than not my son is awake before I even get in the shower at 5:20!  Yes, my son wakes up EARLY!!

I have had lots of people ask me HOW I could plan so far out, as I posted on IG last week that I had the next FOUR weeks planned!  Yes, that is almost the entire month of September.

I thought I would give you a glimpse into my closet, and into my thought process.

This is the area where I hang my professional clothes.  These are the skirts, pants, crops, shorts and shirts that I usually wear to work.  These are the "nicer" tops that I will wear to church when needed.

This is the rest of my hanging clothes.  Yup, that's it.  As you can kind of tell, it isn't that much.  This is where I have my sweaters, cardigans, dresses and other clothes that need to be hung.  I do have a dresser in my bedroom that has three drawers.  In these drawers I have a tank tops, t shirts, jeans, pants, and then a drawer full of basketball shorts and t-shirts.

Other than my boots, these are my shoes!  That's it!  As you can tell I might have a slight obsession with Toms, and sandals.  I don't really wear much else.  I do have three pears of Bear Paws (think fake Uggs), and a pair of knee high black boots (but I hardly ever wear those).

I am very fortunate and my husband does all of our laundry.  I am still working on him to do the kid's laundry too, but at least he does mine.  This also means that laundry gets done at least twice a week.  My husband is also a teacher, and wears the same outfits all the time.  He can wear shorts, and a polo to work every day, so he does.

I have enough clothes that I am able to plan out my outfits for a few weeks at a time.

Over Labor Day weekend I took time and planned out FOUR weeks worth of outfits!  I bought three maxi skirts, and a new tank top over that weekend, so I wanted to get them into my rotation.  Yes, I can plan four weeks out, but don't get too excited, because when I plan again, it will be these same sixteen outfits rotated through again.

In Phoenix it is still HOT!!  We are still running around in shorts and tank tops when we aren't at school.  I am hoping that by the end of the month the weather will have cooled off a little, which is why I am finally putting my maxi skirts into the rotation.

I like doing this too, because then I can try and make sure that I am not wearing all pink one week, or all blue.  I don't really have a LOT of different colors in my closet, but instead a lot of different SHADES of pink or blue.  :)

I hope this gives you some insight into how I plan out so far!!  I can't wait to see your #ootd tomorrow!
I am so excited that I saw a few people post about a new linky party on Sundays!  I love this idea from the Teaching Trio and can't wait to link up every week!!

I love the idea of this linky because it is super easy to do, and something that I can do on a Sunday night, even after promising myself not to work between 12 and 6!!  :)  I could get this done on Saturday night too!!  Since I am a day late to the party, here is my post for this week!  I will try to get next week's up on Sunday!!

Make sure to go check out Teaching Trio for what everyone else is up to this week, or to link up yourself!!

Teaching Trio
I'm excited for Fall!  I can't wait for the cooler temperatures!  To help me prepare myself for this weather I headed up to my parent's house for the weekend.  They live about an hour and a half north of my house, but it is typically 20 degrees cooler here!!  We love it!!

To help celebrate the cooler weather at my parent's house, and the thought that fall might be here soon I am linking up with Where the Magic Happens for a Super Saturday sale!!

I have just changed for featured items so that they are my fall products!!  These are the first products I ever made!!  I plan on going back through them soon to update them!  If you grab them today, for only $1 you will get them as they are now, but just wait for the update that will be coming this month!!  

I have learned so much in the last year since I started posting on TPT!!  I can't wait to go back and update these products!!

After you go check out my store, make sure you stop by Where the Magic Happens to see what other awesome sellers have linked up!!
I can't believe how quickly August flew by!!  It is crazy to think that we are already done with 14 days of school!!  I know Fall Break will be here before we know it, and I have so much to get done before then!!

I am linking up this Monday morning (thank you three day weekends!) with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently!!!

I love currentlys, and reading everyone's currently!!  This is probably my favorite blog post of the month, and my favorite hop of the month!!

Listening - I am taking in this silence!!  The hubby and I went to a concert last night, so my kiddos spent the night at grandma's house.  Therefore, my house is silent!!  It is a sound we don't find very often in this house, especially at this time in the morning!  I can only imagine how early my kiddos got up over at grandma's house.  It will be short lived too, as we will be heading over there soon for breakfast.

Loving - I am loving that we had a three day weekend this weekend!  It was perfect for days of lounging around, getting caught up on grocery shopping, and spending time with family!

Thinking - I am thinking that it is already time for a nap!  ;)  I won't really go take one, but I could take a nap any time!!  I love naps!!  I am always willing to go put my son down for his nap, because he loves it when we lay with him, and sometimes I might even fall asleep waiting for him to fall asleep!

Wanting - a Dutch Bros strawberry smoothie sounds amazing right now!!

Needing - due to my relaxing nature this weekend, I have done NOTHING this weekend to get ready for school tomorrow.  I know I will regret this tonight, but right now I am enjoying it.  I do need to get ready for the week though.

3 Trips - I couldn't really think of places that I want to go.  I would love to go to Austin, Texas.  Dear friends of ours moved away, but they are from Austin.  If I told them we were going they would be there with us, giving us the royal treatment.  Plus, my old principal moved there and I would love to see where he's at!  Plus, Jen Hatmaker lives in Austin, and her husband is a pastor at a church there!!  Sign me up!!

My other two places I'm sure many people would love to go to, especially those of us who are land locked and are no where near the beach!!  I LOVE the beach!!  I was so lucky to live 20 minutes from the beach in college, but I didn't take advantage of it enough!!  Silly me, why did I spend so much time on campus!!

Thanks for reading along, and make sure you go link up yourself!!!
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