Good evening everyone!  I hope that you have all had a great Wednesday!!  I can't believe that Halloween is already only two days away!  My kids and I have been playing with candy all week!

I am linking up with Christina tonight to bring you my Wordless Wednesday question!

Do you embrace Halloween, and the candy craze, or do you try to avoid it!?!

Have a great Halloween week!
I love shopping a good sale, and I love a good bargain!!  I also loving where this TPT journey is taking me!

THANK YOU!!!  Without each one of you reading this blog, following me on IG, following my TPT store, and purchasing my products I wouldn't be where I am without each of you!  This past week was amazing for me, and I don't know how to say thank you enough!!

I am linking up with Nicole this morning to bring you my Sunday sale for TODAY only!

I have bundled my three newest fall centers to create a fall math bundle.  I have also bundled my Winter math centers!  I have three more centers in mind for that bundle though, so if you grab it now you'll grab it before I add the other products and the price goes up!

If you are going to embrace the chaos of candy this week or next week make sure to grab my newest product, Candy Math!  This is a freebie right now, until I add more to it!  You won't want to miss out on this and grab it before it's changed to a paid product!

Make sure to stop by Nicole's blog to see what else is on sale today!!  You won't want to miss out on Nicole's sale, it's a great one!!

All Things Apple
I can't believe it is Friday, I felt like this week dragged on.  Coming back from a break always feels like this though.  I'm excited to start today with lots of energy coffee though, and I know it will be a FANTASTIC Friday!

I'm starting this FANTASTIC Friday linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!

I was so excited, and so were my kids, when we had a special delivery on Monday!

Mrs 3rd Grade scholastic book order

This was our second order of the year, and this time it was a $200 order!  Most of these books were FREE!!  Thank you Scholastic for coupons!

After our week off, I knew my kids would need some reminders and accountability partners this week.  I had a customer asking a question about my Word Work freebie as well, so I went in, revamped the product, and then printed it for my kids!  They loved being able to play tic tac toe, and practicing their spelling words different ways!

Mrs 3rd Grade Word Work Freebie

I am thankful for opportunities that I've had this week!  I've had two great dinners with friends this week, and I am very thankful for these people!  I'm also very thankful for friends who don't live here in Arizona that I can call for help and prayer!  Love you ladies!!

This little guy is my pride and joy!  I'm so thankful that I get to take my son to school with me!  This year our new spirit shirts have these three words on the back, and it is our theme for the year.  I am so thankful he is in a school where he is taught about endurance, encouragement and having unity.

Tonight is our trunk or treat event at our school and church.  I can't wait to see all of my kiddos dressed up and having fun tonight.  My own babies are dressing up as Batman and a fairy, and I know my little guy can't wait for tonight!  Here's praying that my students make it through our day without being too crazy first!

I haven't linked up for a Wordless Wednesday in FOREVER!!  I love checking out all of the fantastic pictures though, so I knew I had to link up this week!

Do you have your class order from Scholastic!?!  This was our second order of the year!  Another big order to earn the bonus points!  I am hoping to buy an iPad with my bonus points!  What do you use yours for?

Make sure to stop by Christina's blog to see what everyone else is up to today!

I am headed back to work this morning after having a week off!  It was a FANTASTIC week, which you could read all about here, and I look forward to an amazing end of our trimester over the next three weeks!!!

This morning if you have the Monday blues make sure you check out my SALE that I am carrying on from yesterday!  Since I was late in the day linking up with Nicole I extended my sale through today as well!!

Please make sure to email me with your TPT name so that way I can send you your free products as well!!  The bottom four, the older looking products are in major need of an UPDATE!!  I tackled one of them last night, 2 Digit Addition with Carrying, and it got a face lift!

Fall 2-digit Addition with regrouping by Mrs 3rd Grade

I kept the same background but updated all the fonts and graphics!  If you already owned this, THANK YOU for having faith in me, but please go back and redownload now!!  

Happy Monday!!
I can't believe my Fall Break is over already!!  The week off was AMAZING, but now it is back to reality!!

I was able to spend my last free night of break, Saturday night, celebrating an amazing couple's wedding!!
Jen and Chris' first kiss as husband and wife!  Photography by Patchwork Photography

I snagged this photo from the photographer's Facebook page because it isn't up on her blog yet!!  I love the photographers that shot this wedding!  It is a wife and husband team, and they are amazing!! Christina takes my family photos as well, and Stefan teaches with me!  They are an amazing couple, have an amazing family, and are very humble!!  If you are looking for a photographer you should check their site out here!

Now they are off to their honeymoon destination for the week, while the rest of us return to our busy work weeks!!

This afternoon I am linking up with Nicole at All Things Apple to bring you my Sunday circular.

All Things Apple

Since I am late to the game linking up I am throwing this sale for the rest of today and ALL day tomorrow!

Sunday and MONDAY savings by Mrs 3rd Grade for October 19

I've created three new fall products in the last two weeks, and only one of them is Halloween related. I am still in the process of updating my older products, but I do plan on giving them a face life soon!  If you purchase any one of these today or tomorrow you can receive another one for FREE!!  If you buy two, you can get two for free.  If you buy three, then I'll send you the other FOUR for FREE!!  While you're looking around don't forget to check out my Fall writing FREEBIE!!

FREEBIE Fall Writing Paper

I'm also linking up with Teaching Trio to bring you my Sunday Scoop!

Sunday Scoop by Mrs 3rd Grade for October 19, 2014

Now that it is finally cooling down I am excited to start working out!!  By working out I mean going for walks of course, but that is something!!  It is so hot here during the summer it is unbearable to be outside doing anything!  I love when the weather cools down enough that I can walk the neighborhood at night.  My friend who lives down the street does this with me, and it's nice to be able to chat with her too!  We have to wait until football season is over for her to be able to walk with me at night, her husband is a high school football coach, but we are almost there!!

I hope to set up my EC planner this week too!  I was so excited it came in the mail last week while I was away, and now I just have to figure out how I want to utilize it!!

Mrs 3rd Grade's new life planner and sweet note from her hubby!

On top of the box you also see a list of 29 things that my hubby made for me!  He is the sweetest!

Make sure you check out Teaching Trio to find out what everyone else is up to this week!

I am so excited that I had an awesome week to share with you tonight!!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching tonight to bring you my Five For Friday!!

My Fall Break started last Friday!  I went and picked my husband up from work and then we went to dinner.  After dinner he dropped me off at the airport for my quick trip to Orange County to see my best friend!  It was the BEST weekend!!  I love her, and am so thankful that I was able to spend some time with her!
A great homemade breakfast in California on Fall Break!

Check out this yummy food we ate!!  All we did was eat all weekend!  IT WAS AMAZING!!  Saturday morning we got up and made homemade waffles.  We found a recipe online and just went for it!  After adding some more flour, the first waffle was not thick enough, we had an amazing breakfast!!

We got showered, and then we went shopping and to the movies!  It was awesome!  That's two movies in one week for me!!  For sure a first!

Delicious homemade dinner in Orange County

For dinner her hubby made us amazing steaks, veggies and bread!!  We were so spoiled!!  Then we sat around watched the Giants game.  I am nota hardcore fan for any sport, but it was fun to watch with them!

On Sunday we headed to Balboa Island!  For living in Orange County for FIVE years I was shocked at how cute and fun this little island was!!  We had an amazing time, and it was so fun to go paddle boarding!!  Nicole's sister lives on the island, so we were a block away from this spot!  It was SOOO FUN!!  For sure something I want to do again!  (Thankfully Nicole's sister let me borrow clothes too, just in case we fell in!!  We didn't though!)

Balboa Island

I flew home on Sunday night, and headed up to my mom's house on Monday!!  I love spending time up at her house!  It is so nice to get away for a few days, and it is fifteen degrees cooler!!  AMEN!!  I was in sweats all week!  Sitting here now I am already sweating, and back in my tank top and shorts!

Pumpkin dip made during Fall Break!

Another reason I love going to my mom's house is because she is totally okay with trying new Pinterest recipes.  Someone else made this dip two years ago, and I loved it, so I finally wanted to give it a try!  I knew my mom would totally be okay with it too!  It was SOO good, but made SOOO much!  I now have a ton to share at bible study on Sunday!

This week I started working on my Christmas math sets!  Now before you think I am way planned far ahead, no, I'm not, but I knew if I didn't do them now I probably wouldn't get to them until Christmas break.  During Thanksgiving break we travel to California for a teacher's conference, so break isn't really a break.

 I'm excited for this set!  I have already finished two sets completely, and I am outlining the third already.  I am debating if I should offer these as individual sets as well?  I have heard pros and cons about both, so I'd love to know what you think!

My mom has an awesome house, with an even better neighborhood and yard for my kiddos! She lives at the end of cul de sac and her neighbors are mostly elderly.  This allows my kiddos the freedom to run around the cup de sac without worrying about cars speeding around the corner like at our house.  Their backyard is the wilderness, and they have wild animals to go with it!!

This isn't the first time we'e seen a javelina, but this is the first time I've seen one so close to their fence!  Luckily I don't think these animals can jump, and the fence is spiked on top, so if the animal tried to jump and missed he would be impaled.

Hands down my favorite part of the week was these two!!

My babies are my pride and joy, and I love them both so much!!  I miss my princess all the time, and even though my son is going through his terrible threes, I couldn't imagine my days without him!  I loved spending time with them all day, playing, laughing, wrestling, reading, napping, coloring, playing in the water, running around outside, and just having fun!!  We missed daddy, but are thankful for our week together!
Last week was our TESTING week!  Since I teach at a private school we take the IOWA test even though we live in Arizona.  We have Fall break this week so we take our tests before break.  Testing week is a long week, and we spend all morning testing.

I spent a lot of time going over my schedule, and making sure that I strategized what tests we would be taking when, and putting in a TON of brain breaks!!  Thank you Go Noodle!!  My kids loved the brain breaks, and were asking for one after every test!

As a way to give encouragement I wrote notes on their desks every morning!!  They LOVED it, and by Tuesday morning they were running in to see what was written on their desk!

These notes were so easy to write!  I just went around with an expo marker every morning and wrote about three messages throughout the room.  I tried to come up with a different theme every day so that way they would have something new to look forward to.

Tuesday was all about Rock and Roll!  We were rockstars on our testing on Tuesday!

My Wednesday and Thursday inspiration came from this pin I saw on Pinterest.  I didn't want to buy them candy, I didn't think that was going to help them, but I loved the notes of encouragement that could go with candy!

For Friday I found bible verses and printed these out for the kids to have!  I loved the idea of giving them a piece of scripture to have with them.  These cards will be great for them to look back on, and know that God is with them as they go through not only the testing, but every day life!

I have put these in my TPT store for those who were asking for them too!  My kids loved them, and I can't wait to add more to the set for them as encouragement!!
Good morning from the beautiful Orange County!!  I have been enjoying my time here so far, and loving that I have been able to relax, sleep in, and just enjoy!!

This morning I am linking up with Nicole from All Things Apple!  Have you seen her new blog design too!  It's amazing!!

All Things Apple

This Sunday I am happy to bring you my savings, thanks to having some time to get some work done after school this past week!!  I have been working hard!!

Both of these new fall products are exactly what my students need to practice right now!!  They needed the reinforcement on rounding, and identifying place value, so I knew these would be perfect for them!

I hope that you enjoy them, but if you can't use either one, make sure to check out my new forever freebie!  I can't wait for some fun writing when we return from Fall Break, so I put together some writing paper that my students will be able to use to create their own stories!

Make sure you go check out Nicole's blog to see what else is on sale today too!!
Last week we finished our first science unit, and we were preparing for our test on Friday.  We had done a lot of different things in our interactive notebooks as we were reading, and learning about plants, ecosystems, adaptations, and life cycles.

To help them prepare for the test we started the week making flash cards with our vocabulary words.  We started doing this little by little in the beginning of the week so that way they could start working on them a bit each night.  I didn't want them to go home with all twenty words in one night and their parents to be overwhelmed with how many words they had to know.  The students knew most of these words already, and could tell me what they meant as we were making our flash cards.

On Wednesday we played a Scoot game to help us study for our test!

This was our first time playing a scoot game, and they thought it was so much fun!  They loved that I drew arrows on the desks to show them which ways they should move around the classroom.

They loved that around the rooms I had desks that had cards that kids didn't normally sit at.  Then, there were desks without cards, but I made them move only one desk every scoot.  There were certain spots where they were able to just stop, and take  a breath!

If you are looking for a fun life science review that covers parts of plants, ecosystems, adaptations and food chains/webs then feel free to take a closer look!

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