I am excited to link up with I Heart Grade 3 to bring you my summer goals today!!
I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish this summer!  I am so excited that I have ten weeks to do this!!  I am hoping to spend A LOT of time with my babies too!!

This amazing To Do List is from the super sweet Ashley!!  I LOVE it, and am so thankful that I was able to print it out this morning and start getting it ready for this summer!

I am excited to spend time with my family this summer!!  My babies are growing up way too quickly, and I don't want to lose any more time with them.  I am excited to spend days playing, swimming, riding our bikes, doing puzzles, reading stories and taking naps!!

I am SUPER excited to head to Vegas this summer!!  My husband and I are going together this year since he is attending the DI conference.  I can't wait to spend time with some amazing friends that I've made, and to meet so many new friends I've made!!

I have a TON of ideas going through my heads!!  I am putting together my to do list for the summer so that way I can have new things for next year and for you!!  I am hoping to have my math centers done by the end of the summer so that way they are ready to go for the school year!  It's a big goal, but I think I can do it!!

The end of the year got away from me so much, that I am just now writing my Five for Friday!!  I had it prepped to post, but hadn't had time to write!  If you have seen this post before, I APOLOGIZE!!  It was a crazy week full of saying goodbyes!

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

Part of the reason this past week was so hectic was because I was MOVING my classroom!!  When I saw I was moving my classroom I really mean the 3rd and 7th grade students moved my classroom.  The top picture is my current classroom, with all of the 7th grade stuff in it.  They don't have very much, and we both agreed my room is larger than theirs.

Moving classrooms isn't half as bad when you have helpers!

This bottom half of the picture is my new classroom!  I didn't want you to see how big of a mess it really is, because it hurts me just looking at it!  I am hoping I'll be able to get in there soon to start cleaning and organizing.  We have to wait for a few more classrooms to move because I get to split this stuff between TWO rooms!!  I will have a teaching partner next year and hopefully we are going to be splitting the subjects!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!

To end the school year this year I passed out end of the year cups to my students.  This is the first year I've ever done this!  The papers behind the treats are from my Sailing into Fourth Grade pack!  I wanted to create something fun for them to work on this summer, but give them a challenge at the same time!

Sailing Into Fourth grade makes an awesome present for the EOY gift for third graders.

Last week I saw the pictures going around IG and Facebook that the post it treasure box was back!  I showed my husband so he said we had to get one!  Ours came in on FRIDAY!!  We ordered it Wednesday night!!  I was amazed at how quickly it was delivered!  Plus it was FREE SHIPPING!!

Treasure box of post its is quite a deal from Office Depot!  $50 plus FREE shipping!  Every box is unique!

Before ours even came in my husband was already asking if we could order another one!  If I can find another $10 coupon we will be ordering more!!

This year's graduation was another bittersweet one for me.  This class was the second class I taught at my school.  Most of the class was the same from when I taught them too!!  I know this class will do great things in high school!!

Love Crowder, and love this song!  Hope you enjoy!

I am sitting in Starbucks right now, typing this, waiting for a friend to get here so I can tutor her in math before finals this week.  I CAN NOT believe that this school year is over in 5 days!!  Where has this year gone!?!

I am excited to share with you my Sunday Scoop because it is the last one that will have to do with teaching for a while!  ha ha, who are we kidding, we're teachers!  All summer it will be about teaching, but at least it won't talk about the piles of grading I have to finish!!

I have to move my classroom this summer, actually I have to move it in a week!!  My classroom is no where near ready to move!  I have stuff EVERY WHERE!!  Plus, they want to move classrooms and I'll be out of town heading up to my sister's wedding!  I am hoping we'll be able to use some "kid" power this week to help us move some things.  Other than that luckily the class that is going into mine is a male teacher so he doesn't have too many things and I will be able to move when I get back!

My son's last day of school is Tuesday, so I have to finish up his teachers' cards.  Instead of making them some of the super cute Pinterest things I've seen we decided just to get them Target gift cards.  This way in case they get all of that other "stuff" they'll have something they will absolutely be able to use and LOVE!

I have to finish my student's end of the year presents too!!  I need to print out their summer pack full of goodies to help them avoid that summer slide!!

Since I am DONE GRADING for the year I'm excited to be able to work on some fun TPT stuff this week, and work on my DVR playlist at the same time!  It has become quite backed up!  Plus Ashly, The Creative Classroom, introduced me to Reign last night!!  AHH!  I can't wait to binge watch it!!  Last night I might have watched 5 episodes while grading the REST OF MY PAPERS!!  :)

I'm excited my last day of school is Friday.  I LOVE teaching, I LOVE my students, but I am excited to move my room, recreate my learning environment, and to jump into my new ideas for next year!!!

Check out what everyone else is up to!!

I just shared all about some fun end of the year projects I'm doing over at Hello Sunshine Teachers!!  Make sure you head over there to check it out!

Rock Star Memories book created by The Creative Classroom

I am so excited to be linking up with Hello Sunshine this month for our Wrap It Up link up!!

I love the end of the year because it gives me time to reflect on everything I've done with the kids this year!  It also gives me time to start thinking about next year!

One of my favorite things to do with my students are fun things in May!  I have done this every year that I have been teaching, and it is one of my favorite things to do!  My students love it too, because they help me come up with our fun activities!

I love these activities because students look forward to them, and they are a HUGE surprise for them!  I am really looking forward to our day at AZ Air Time!  It will be a great surprise for my kids!  I have  a very active class this year, so it will be a fun way to celebrate the end of the year and for them to have fun at the same time!

I am looking forward to having my students write their summer bucket list!  I love this idea from Kristen Clements!  I can't wait to use this and see what my students hope to do this summer!

Last Day Blues is a fun book to read to students near the end of the year!  I love how funny it is!!  I also can't wait to share The Night Before Summer Vacation with my students!!  Both of these stories will be so fun!!

Make sure you head over to Hello Sunshine so you can check out some other amazing end of the year ideas!  Plus, link up with your favorite end of the year ideas!!

Can you believe it is May already!?  Where has this school year gone!?  We only have 15 days of school left!  I can't believe that in 15 days I will be sending my kiddos on to the next grade, and I will be gaining a teaching partner and a new batch of kids!

This morning I am linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for Currently!

I LOVE this link up, and look forward to it every month!!

Someone told me about Scandal, and now I am hooked!!  :)  I have been watching like crazy this past week, and I am already on season 3!!

I did Whole 30 for the past 25 days, and I LOVED IT!!  I am taking this week off, I wanted a coffee yesterday to support Dutch Bros for One for Dane!

I am thinking of all that has to be done in the month of May!  The school year is coming to a close, I have a wedding shower next weekend, Hello Sunshine retreat coming up, I have to move classrooms, and my sister's wedding is this month!!

I am wanting NOTHING!  I love this!  I love that I don't want anything right now.  Sure new clothes are great, but I don't need anything.  I have an amazing family who loves and support me, I feel better then I've felt in a long time, and I have amazing friends!

I am needing more time in the day so that way I can get everything done, but I'm excited to go spend the time with my babies today!!

This summer I am excited that my hubby and I will be going to Vegas!!  I am super excited to be able to meet so many of you AMAZING people and spend time with some of my AMAZING friends!!  I am hopeful that we'll be going to Disneyland to help celebrate my bestie's baby girl's birthday!!  I wish we could go to Fish Fest in June, but I don't think we'll be able to make it!!

Happy Saturday!!  I hope that you have a great weekend!!
I am so excited to be linking up with Ashley and Angie again this month for their #2getherwearebetter link up!!

I don't know about you, but I believe that giving parents MORE information is always better than less.  Parents at my school LOVE to know what is going on, and love finding out about what is going on in our room.

Classroom newsletters to send home to parents to keep them informed about what is going on during your school week.

Every Sunday night I send out my class newsletter.  I switched it from Mondays to Sunday nights.  I did this about half way through the year by a request from one of my parents.  I give parents WAY more information than they could need.

I also upload our daily plans, not in a ton of detail, to our online program that parents can look at.  When students are going to be absent or go on vacation this is a great way to give them what they are going to be missing because it is already all set up for them.

Every day I walk my students downstairs, and wait with my students until they are picked up.  This gives me the opportunity to talk with parents almost daily.  I know that this is rare in a lot of schools, but i believe it helps keep our families close to what is going on.

Make sure that you check out these other amazing bloggers to see what they have to share with you about parent communication!

Good morning!  Happy Friday!!  I am so excited that it is Friday!!  Super excited that we are in May too!!

Have you heard the exciting news!?!  My friend Ashlyn, from The Creative Classroom, is raising money to adopt a baby!!  I ordered my shirt Wednesday night and I can't wait for it to come in!!  I love my babies, and am excited to help my friend get her baby!!

This week I finished Whole 30!  I was so excited to be on this journey, and I enjoyed eating healthier!  I won't lie, I missed my coke, I missed my Dutch, and I missed ice cream!  I don't miss the extra pounds, I don't miss the tight clothing and I don't miss feeling tired all of the time!!  I'm thankful to Ashlyn and Jennifer who helped me stay on target and remind me why I'm doing this!!

Whole 30 food for me!  Whole 30 is a great way to feel better, and eat healthy!

This week we did Pop Se Ko 2.0 for the first time!!  My kids LOVED it!!  They are singing it ALL THE TIME!!

Pop Se Ko is an amazing Go Noodle brain break that gets your kids up and  moving!

Wednesday night our third, fourth and fifth graders put on a music concert.  It was AMAZING!!  My kids do such an amazing job when they can be active and inspired!!   I love great nights of worship!

Crowder is one of my new favorites!  I love listening to his music on my drive to school with my windows down, and the music turned up loud!  I hope that you enjoy this song this week!

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