Hello friends!  Heather here from Learning with Mrs. Langley. 

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that Mrs. 3rd Grade has asked me to be part of her 30th year celebration.  She is the first blogger that I actually met in real life.  We discovered we lived close through noticing pictures on IG.  How cool is that?  We were fast friends!

Today I want to share one of my new FAVORITES in my classroom.  Since returning to Kindergarten I have completely revamped the way I teach small groups and guided reading.  Let's be real for a minute...in Kindergarten all of the REAL instruction happens during small groups (and other grades too).  I can differentiate for all my little learners in small groups.  It has been a year long "figuring out" project for me!

I threw this cover together to motivate myself to be organized.   Anything colorful will surely stay out on my desk and not get lost!

I have two groups of Kinders so I keep them separated with these tabs.  We call them the BLUE group and the GOLD group (our school colors) so these tabs were perfect!

In the front of each group I keep a schedule of the students that I meet with daily.  I meet with ALL students 3 times a week and if they need a little extra help (AKA the low group) then I meet with them every single day.  This has helped my "low" group become my "benchmark" group.  Yes!  With all of the extra work they have been putting in we are getting there!

I keep a schedule of what we are doing each day in the front of the book so I know what I'm doing once I call over my little friends.  This was my BIGGEST STRUGGLE!  I had the best intentions but I never knew what to do!

Now I switch through a routine of using our small group materials from Reading Street, letter naming intervention, phoneme segmentation intervention, and CVC word work.  Keeping this all in one place (with a plan in mind) has helped me keep an organized reading intervention time!

So with my awesome new schedule and organized planner I was inspired to put together some great intervention pages.  With my head clear I could focus on exactly what my kiddos needed!  I started with letter naming because I still had a few that needed that:

I have another group that could still use some help with phoneme segmentation:

And some CVC pages too:

All of these intervention pages are available in my store you can click HERE to see them!

I included the schedule pages in these interventions packets but I've got them for you HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and a big THANK YOU to Mrs. 3rd Grade for including me!  Have a great week friends!
I know I say this every month, but March flew by, and now we are in APRIL!!  I can't believe there are only TWO months of the school year left.  Two months left teaching where I have been since 2008!!  That to me is crazy, but that is for another day!!

Today I am linking up with Farley for Currently!!  This is my favorite link up of the month, and one I am sure to never miss!!

Currently - so much going on in the month of April, it's nice to be able to reflect on everything going on!

My babies slept in this morning!  It wasn't too long ago that we were rejoicing when they slept in until 6, and then 6:30.  This morning my son didn't come out of his room until 7:30 and my daughter didn't get up until 7:45!!  I know I will miss the morning snuggle days, but it was so nice to have my cup of coffee, my computer and some quiet this morning!

A quiet morning catching up on blogs and drinking coffee is a great way to start my morning!

I have big plans and ideas for the month of April!  My babies are going to be heading to grandma's house for a little over a week, so I am going to make big plans for the week they are gone.  Now, I am still teaching full time while they are gone, but there will even be one night that my hubby is gone on a work trip too!  The whole night to myself!?!  No babies, no hubby, what am I going to do with myself!?!

My mom takes care of my babies for me right now because they aren't in school this semester.  They will be going back to school in the fall with my husband, so three days a week they will be at school with him.  I think my mom is worried that she is going to be bored, because she agreed that we could go into business together!!  I am super excited because soon we are going to be launching our new business!!  Keep an eye out as I share more about it!!  I can't wait!!

I am in need of a massage, badly!!  Last week I finally went and got my hair cut, so now I am no longer gray!  Then I went and did a Target trip and bought BOTH of these new purses!!!  Which one is your favorite!?!

Make sure to check out Farley's blog so you can see what everyone else is up to and you can link up with your currently too!!
Oh Boy It's Farley
Happy Friday and April Fool's Day!!  I can't believe we have made it to April and there are only TWO months of school left!!  How did this happen?!  Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you my five for Friday!!

Our thankful board is one of my favorite parts of my room!  I love to see how it evolves and changes over the year as they reflect WEEKLY on what they are thankful for.

Our thankful cards are one of my favorite parts of our week.  Every Friday my students write their thankful cards, reflecting on something that they are thankful for that day.  Students are able to write or illustrate what they are thankful for.  We then put these up on the wall so they can see them as well.

I am so excited for this new shirt!!  Did you see this post!?!  My friend Jennifer is making these shirts now and they are AMAZING!!

Have you seen Ashlyn's new blog design reveal!! It is AMAZING!!  BEAUTIFUL!!  So awesome!!  Plus, she is having an AMAZING giveaway that you want to go enter!!

Our final day digging deep into the Easter story is always an interesting day to see what students think they would have done!

This week we finally finished the Easter story!  It is always interesting to hear students reflect on what they would have done if they were the one walking with Jesus on the path to Emmaus and what they think would have happened!  So excited that we were able to dive deep into this unit, and we can't wait to look at Lazarus next week!!

I LOVE this song this week!  It came on at school and I immediately knew I had to share it with all of you this week!

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