I love using TPT products in my classroom, and I love finding amazing products to use in my classroom!  I was so excited when Melissa from Jungle Learners left a comment on my Facebook page telling me about a product swap she was hosting!  Thank you Melissa!  :)

I swapped with Sara from Sara J Creations!

She had some amazing products to choose between!!  I had a hard time choosing at first, but finally made my decision on these amazing fraction task cards!

I loved these task cards because they are challenging for my students!  I usually cut apart my task cards and put them up around my room so my students can move around the room, and work in different areas on the room as they work on their centers.

I was able to have students work on a sheet at a time, and then I could work with them as they had individual questions.  It was easier to keep track of the cards too!  I actually made two copies of the cards so that way they wouldn't have to wait as long for each other to finish, and I could have about 6 students at the back table with me.

I would HIGHLY recommend these task cards!  They are challenging, engaging, and have GREAT questions.  They have QR codes too, but we didn't use these as the devices in my room were being used by other students for other activities.

I'm excited to share that you can WIN this amazing product!!  Sara is letting me give away one copy to one of my lucky readers!!  It is GREAT to use any time during the year, as it is NOT seasonal, and it is FANTASTIC!!  

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You can check out these other amazing bloggers who are giving away products too!!  You can enter to win every one of them!!  Make sure to head to Sara's blog to see what she checked out from my store!!
Good morning!!  I am so excited to be bringing you my Five for Friday this week!!

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed my week!

I am TWO weeks into Whole 30, finishing up my third week right now, and I am loving it!!  Today is Day 19 and it is amazing the progress I have seen in the past 18 days!!  I have found some new things that I enjoy eating and I definitely plan on carrying some of this forward with me even after this Whole 30 is over!

This week we took our first and third graders to go see Monkey Kingdom!  The kids enjoyed it, and it was a cute movie!  When we came back I had them write about their favorite parts, and what they learned.  I put together these writing pages, and uploaded them so you can use them too!!

I love Scholastic!  I love book orders!  I am always just as excited as the kids are when our new box comes in!  This month I was even more excited because I was able to get a free iPad mini with my bonus points!!  YES!!  #bringonthemathgames #centers

I can't believe it has already been two years!  Two years ago, ON THIS Day, I was finishing my last day of the school year.  It was a Wednesday, and I was scheduled to have a c section on Monday!  Little did I know that when I woke up on Thursday morning my baby girl was going to be trying to get out!!  She was born the next day, a Thursday!  My sweet little angel has always been on her own time table!!  So glad that we are celebrating her birthday this weekend!!  #myprincess

I was grading papers Thursday afternoon in my class, and these songs really spoke to me!!  I hope that you enjoy them!


I am so excited to be sharing another giveaway with you over the next few days.  I have teamed up with some AMAZING bloggers to bring you not one! Not two! But FOUR chances to win all in one rafflecopter!!

We are calling this the Stress Free Giveaway because all you have to do is enter here!

You have the chance to win some amazing prizes!!  Amazon!  Target! TPT! Starbucks!  How many of you spend money at one of these places at least once a week!?  You can raise your hand, it's okay!  Make sure you enter this amazing giveaway!

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Feel free to check out these amazing bloggers who are helping put this giveaway together!  These teachers are fantastic!!
Spring doesn't last very long here in Arizona, but we wanted to bring you all things Spring today!!  We are going to have a linky every month, where you can get some awesome ideas from us, but also share your ideas too!!

I love the Lorax!  It was my son's favorite movie for a LONG time so I know it well!  We still watch it every now and then!  My students enjoy reading the story too, and we talk about how we can save the earth!

Planting a Rainbow is an amazing book that talks about all the different plants, and colors of the plants.  My students love it, and we are able to talk about how amazing God's creation is!

We loved writing about being Lucky Bunnies!  We changed ours to Blessed Bunnies, and they turned out super cute!!  You can grab them here!!  Make sure you leave some amazing feedback too!

For Earth Day we worked on Superhero Writing!  My kids came up with some creative ways to keep the Earth safe.  You can find the bundle here!

If you have some more great Spring ideas you'd love to share with us, make sure you head over to Hello Sunshine so you can link up and share with us too!!

What a beautiful morning!  I love Sunday mornings!  There is so much ahead of us this week!  I am linking up with The Teaching Trio this morning to bring you my Sunday Scoop!

I can't believe my daughter is turning 2 this week!!  Where has the time gone!?!  She decided she wanted to have a Minnie Mouse birthday party.  Do you know how hard it is to find red Minnie Mouse!?!  I need to go grab some tablecloths and plates this week.

I found her the cutest skirt for her to wear, but now I need to find her the perfect shirt!!

I hope to start planning our May retreat!  The Hello Sunshine girls have a fun weekend planned and I cannot wait!!

I hope that you all have a great week!  You can check out what everyone else is up to too!

Educents is offering $10 to everyone who joins now!  You won't want to miss out on this awesome opportunity!!  You can then use that $10 to spend on anything in my Educents store!

I have some awesome things in my Educents store, and you can get them for FREE now!!

I am so excited to share about my first SLANT box experience!  I was so excited to sign up after a blogger meet up in February, I knew I had to sign up for March!!

I was paired with the AMAZING Ashlyn from The Creative Classroom!

The Creative Classroom

I had so much fun putting her box together!!  It was so fun to go buy her some fun things to keep her "warm" in the cold!!

Ashlyn and I are both Arizona bloggers so instead of mailing our boxes we decided to meet up for dinner to exchange our boxes!  It was so fun to be able to sit down for dinner with a new friend and chat!!

We are both doing Whole 30 right now, we are actually doing it together, so we went to Zin Burger and had these amazing burgers!!

Ashlyn got me some amazing things to use when I escape from the cold!  It was hard for both of us to think about the cold since it is already 80 here most days!!

I love the beautiful towel, amazing candle and neon sharpies and post it notes!!

Make sure you head over to Jameson's blog to check out when the next sign ups will be so you too can have an amazing partner!!

Good morning!  I hope that you are having a great day so far!  I am so excited to be writing this post from HOME!!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you my Five for Friday!!

I was SOOO excited to leave this sub plans at school yesterday afternoon!  I have today off because my kids WON me a day off! Yes, you read that right, I am home today because of my kids!!  They won a reading contest at our school, so our librarian is subbing for me today!  My kids have a morning filled with our normal Friday tests, but then they have a fun afternoon planned!

This week my kids were all about the #hashtags.  I don't know where it came from, but I played along with them!  I am going to work on some fun #writing lessons that we can do next week with The One and Only Ivan and get them using those #hashtags.  #predictions #writingfun #learningandtheydontknowit

Did you notice anything different around here!?  The amazing Lindsey gave my blog design a little face lift!!  I LOVE IT!!  She is seriously AMAZING to work with, and has amazing work to show!!  You don't want to miss out!!  She just did my friend Jennifer's blog too!  I LOVE IT!!

Did you know this is my second post of the day!?!  Did you see my post from this morning!!?  I have some EXCITING news to share!!  I am part of an amazing group of women who live and teach in Arizona!  We have joined forces and we are going to bring you some Sunshine!!  Check out my post earlier today to enter to win $10 to Starbucks, and $10 to my TPT store!!  Plus check out our collaborative blog Hello Sunshine and you can win $100 to TPT!!

Enjoy this week's video!  It really spoke to me this week!!  Love Hillsong!

I am so excited to be sharing this amazing new blog with you!!  I have joined up with some AMAZING bloggers to bring you Hello Sunshine!!

Hello Sunshine!

We are so excited to be kicking off this weekend with an amazing blog hop for you, and amazing giveaways!!

We have a hop all set up for you so that way you can enter to win a gift card from each of us, and then you will want to make sure you check out Hello Sunshine to enter the big giveaway!  Who doesn't want $100 TPT Gift Card!?!

Today I am giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card, and $10 to spend in my TPT store.

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Now you want to go check out Pamela at Hedgehog Reader so that you can enter another giveaway!  Make sure to follow along so you can enter the big giveaway at Hello Sunshine!
Good morning!!  Happy Easter!  I'm linking up this morning with The Teaching Trio to bring you my Sunday Scoop!

I'm so excited we are celebrating Easter today, and I'm SUPER excited that my best friend and her husband are visiting for the weekend!  We stayed up late, for me, to watch the Kentucky Wisconsin game last night!  This morning we'll go to church together, and then come back to our house for lunch!  I love the time I get to spend with her, and no time is ever enough time!

Tomorrow we don't have school, so I'm hopeful I get to sleep in!  I haven't been able to sleep in all weekend!  My son crawled into our bed at 2 this morning, and then had me up at 5:30!!

I have a paid paid day off on Friday since my students won the reading contest!  I'm super excited to spend the day with my hubby!!  I think we're going to go trade our car in!!  If we don't feel that ambitious we'll go to the movies instead!

I hope that you all have an AMAZING Easter!!

Religious Easter Comments
~Magickal Graphics~
Make sure to go check out Teaching Trio to see what everyone else is up to on this amazing Sunday!
I am linking up this morning with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you my Five for Friday!  I'm so excited to be writing this post THIS morning, and from the comfort of my home with my pjs still on, and my babies watching toons on the couch!  I am so blessed that we have the day off!!

This week has been all about talking about the true meaning of Easter.  To help us with this we made these beautiful cross drawings!  I had them outline the cross, which they drew, in black marker.  Then they added horizontal and vertical lines.  They had to choose two lighter colors for the outside, and then bold colors for the inside of the cross!  I love how they turned out!  The crosses are actually the third set of drawings like this that we did!  We did hearts for Valentine's Day and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day!  I think it would be fun to have a year of these, so then I can bind them and give them to them at the end of the year!!  {Insert idea for next year!!}

We were working on my Eggcelent Centers this week!  My kids love getting up and walking around the room to work on their math, so I made sure to have these two centers easy to tell apart, and around different parts of the room!  It was a great review strategy too, because both of these concepts they should have been able to complete quickly!

We wrote about being lucky bunnies this week!  I told my kids I wanted them to write about how THEY were a lucky bunny.  We talked about how blessed we were, and I wanted them to come up with three reasons that they were "lucky" or blessed in my words!  I found this freebie from Funky Fresh Firsties and my kids loved it!!  I loved the way they turned out, and how they each put their own spin on the bunny too!

In case you haven't heard there are so EXCITING things going on this week!!  I was so excited to link up with the amazing Angie and Ashley, and I know so many MORE FANTASTIC, AMAZING, INSPIRING teachers have linked up with them to share their schedules this week too!!  You won't wan to miss it!!

Also, Educents has launched their marketplace!  I'm so excited to be teaming up with them to be giving away $50 to the Educents store!!  You can read all about it here!

This week's video I found through a friend who was sharing about the amazing chapel her school does to share the Easter story with the kids!  Easter is such a hard time to teach because young kids just don't understand the importance of this holiday.  I hope this video leaves you inspired, and that you have somewhere to go worship this weekend!

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