I am so excited!!  I just finished my AZ history class!!!  I needed this class to get my AZ certification, and I am so glad that I finally decided to sign up in December!  Now, three weeks later, I'M DONE!!  

Plus, an A is always nice too!  Now I can get everything together and go get that official license.  Yes, I've been teaching for years, but with moving from California, I let my CA license go as long as possible before I paid more money to have a piece of paper that showed I could teach!!

I'm also so excited to share a Favorite Things giveaway I am taking part in!!  You won't want to miss out on this awesome opportunity!!

Who doesn't love Flair pens, Starbucks, Dunkin, Sonic and Scentos!?!  These things are my FAVORITES!  I wish I could enter!!  Make sure you head over to my amazing friend Ashlyn's blog to enter to win this amazing set!!

I am also so excited that I am putting the finishing touches on my newly updated Superhero math pack!  I love it, and we had so much fun with it earlier this week!!

You can grab it from my store here, and while you're there make sure to take a look around as I am having a sale for the big game tomorrow!!  Who are you going to be cheering for!?

Thank you to Primary Punch for the fun graphic!  Make sure to stock up on all of those awesome Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day sets now!  February starts on Monday!!  CRAZY!

I am excited to be linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

On Thursday we celebrated the 100th day of school!  We had so much fun, and did so many different activities!!  I loved the ap I found, thanks to IG!!  I was able to change their faces so they looked like old people!  They thought it was hilarious!

We also had our annual field day on Thursday afternoon!  I was so excited to wear my new shirt!!  If you aren't following Claire Lynn Designs on Facebook yet you'll want to!!  I love these shirts!!

Today for the hundredth day of school we share a snack!  I asked each student to bring in 10 baggies, with 10 items in them each.  We then took turns coming up to pick out what we were going to have.  I had 8 kids not bring anything, so luckily I had some cereal that I brought in!

I am so thankful my baby is home for the weekend with us!  She has been up at my mom's house for the past two weeks, and it was so sweet to see her when my mom brought her to school yesterday afternoon!  I miss her sweet face, and am so thankful that we will get to spend some quality time together this weekend!

I'm very thankful this week for the promise of opportunities ahead!!  I can't wait to share what I have in store!!

Today we celebrated Superhero Day!!  It was so much fun!  We had superhero day last year, and I have looked forward to this day all year!!!

I started off my morning running around trying to get everything ready!  I was home sick yesterday so I didn't really get things done ahead of time like I normally would.  I was really printing things this morning, and laminating while I was trying to feed my son breakfast!

We always start our day with religion, and this week we are talking about Jesus being a superhero!!  I am loving this unit, and can't wait until I finish it!!  This morning we were talking about Jesus healing, and the faith these people had to have to believe that Jesus was going to heal them!  My kids are doing great thinking about these questions, and we are enjoying these stories!

During math we played a lot of different superhero activities!!  My kids were playing Bump with multiples of 2, 5, and 10.  We had to review the rules halfway through class because some of them had forgotten how to play.

In another corner I had our multiplication task cards put up on a white board for easy access.  This way students could hold their clipboards and answer the questions.  They didn't have to worry about losing a card, or throwing them around at each other.

In another corner of the room I had students using rulers and unifix cubes to measure superheroes!  They loved it, and were engaged!  It was amazing!

We were graphing superheroes too!!  Students used their pencils and a paper clip to spin their spinners.  They were each able to spin ten times, and then record their data and analyze it!  Once they had spun the spinner ten times I had them predict what would happen if they spun it twenty times, so they had to spin ten more times!

Later in the afternoon we met up with our first grade friends and we created our own superhero and wrote about them!  We had some very creative superheroes coming to life and I can't wait to get them all hung up tomorrow!

I can't find who I found the template for the superhero last year, but I will keep looking!!  The adjective sheet next to it can be found here!

I am so thankful that it is Friday!  It has been a very long week.  How is it that short weeks are always the longest!?!

I am linking up this morning with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you my Five for Friday!

Have you been following Sarah, over at A Rocky Top Teacher on Facebook!?  She has been posting her Monday Moments now for a few weeks, and this weeks was very INSPIRING!!  I loved it so much I blogged about it on Monday!!  If you haven't watched it yet, go check it out!!

If you don't follow Angie Olson from Lucky Little Learners yet, run, go, you should!!  I LOVE her!  She is so supportive, and seriously one of the sweetest people ever!  She posted this video on Facebook earlier this week, and I loved it!  I had to share it with all of you too in case you hadn't seen it yet!

First to Arrive...Last to Leave. from Happily Ever Captured on Vimeo.

Our family has needed all of the prayers we could get this week.  My MIL was diagnosed with cancer over Christmas break, and she went in for her hysterectomy on Monday.  I haven't been to the hospital to see her yet, because we don't want to take our kids.  My husband has been to see her, and it is going to be a long battle.  We're thankful for an amazing God who we know will be with us, and especially her throughout this process.  This week I was blessed by my sweetest BFFs who each made extra effort to check in on me, and offer me support!  I love them, and wish they were closer!!

Thursday when we got home from school I had promised my son that we would go on a bike ride.  I have been picking him up from after care before they go outside to play, and it makes him very sad.  He loves playing outside on the playground.  He was a very happy boy though when we went on a bike ride around the neighborhood!

This week the flu has been wiping out our school!  I am thankful that I have been staying away from it, but I have three kids who were in school on Wednesday, and absent Thursday because they now have confirmed cases of the flu!  Please make sure you are taking care of yourself, and staying healthy!
I was inspired this morning by Sarah, from A Rocky Top Teacher to share with you today.

A Rocky Top Teacher

If you have not seen Sarah's video for her Monday Moment you need to go check it out here!!

What's your WHY!?  Why are you an educator?  Sarah shared many of her reasons, and then challenged us to share ours as well.

It is amazing how many of us, even though we are across the country from each other, have some of the same reasons WHY we teach.

Just like Sarah I had some AMAZING teachers growing up.  My second grade teacher was a great teacher, but more importantly than that, she has been a great friend.  She came to my high school graduation party, was invited to my wedding, and even my baby shower when I had my first son.  She is someone that I go visit EVERY TIME I go home.  I know she is part of the reason WHY I am a teacher.  I wouldn't be where I am today, without her.

Another reason WHY I teach is because of my students.  I LOVE kids.  I love reaching out to students, and I love that relationship I can establish why my students.

The girl in the top left of this picture is now a junior in high school and she comes over about four times a week so I can tutor her in Algebra 2!

The other three girls are all 9th graders now at different states.  The one in the bottom left corner now lives across the country, and every time she comes to visit we meet up for lunch/dinner/movie.

This sweet girl is now a 9th grader too.  Her story is so touching, and she has gone through more in her young life than I could even imagine going through.  I am very thankful that she still lives in town too, and we meet up for dinner every few months so I can hear all about what is going on in her life.  She was just in China over Christmas break, and her hope is to travel to abroad next year to go to a boarding school.

I know I wouldn't be the educator I am today without each of you amazing people as well!  I have made some AMAZING friends on IG, and in the blogging world!  You all inspire me, and keep me going EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I know I keep saying it, but I really can't wait until Vegas when I am able to meet up with so many of these amazing people again!
Good morning!!  I am excited to be linking up this morning with The Teaching Trio to bring you my Sunday Scoop!!

Our 100th day of school falls the last week of January, so I want to get all of my materials printed and prepped this week!  We are also having a Superhero day that last week of January so I need to look through my pack and update it!!  I am so excited for these two days!!

I have been working on a new series for two girls that I tutor!  They are loving the questions and it is turing out great!  I can't wait to finish it!

I am also super excited to take Monday off!!

In honor of having Monday off my store is 20% off!!

There are some awesome bloggers who are linking up to share that their stores are on sale too, so you won't want to miss it!!

Don't forget to check out the Teaching Trio too, to see what everyone else is up to!!

I am so thankful that it is Friday!  I love this Five for Friday link up, even though I don't make it every week!

Tuesday night we had an Open House for prospective parents to come walk through our school.  Our enrollment opens to the public February 2.  Hopefully we'll be double grading this next year in third grade so I'll have a teaching partner!!

My husband shared this video with me earlier this week.  I LOVE IT!!

Have you seen these amazing deals going on?!  Go check out Mrs. Plemon's Kindergarten for amazing $1 deals!  They last for the rest of the day!!

You can grab my 100 Days of Learning, my Find the Missing Factors, and brand new Snowy Fractions sets all for $1 just for today!!  You won't want to miss it!!

I am so thankful for Christmas, but not so thankful for the long month of colds that come after it.  We have already been the pediatrician this week, and my son has an ear infection.  We battled this last winter, and he had four ear infections between January and March.  It has been A. REALLY. LONG. WEEK.  I am very thankful for a long weekend, even though I know it is going to fly by!!

This was my saving grace yesterday, along with lots of prayers!

I am so excited to be sharing some of my favorite outfits again too!!  I love to dress comfy all of the time, and I love it even more when I can wear comfy to work!  What is your favorite thing to wear to work?!  Follow me on IG and you can find out more of my crazy days, and fun outfits!!

I love my Friday outfits!!  My Claire Lynn shirt is one of my favorites!!

This sweater from the Gap was only $9, and is soooo comfy!!

I love my #pinneditspinnedit #ootd!!
I am so excited to be blogging today and linking up with The Teaching Trio!!  I love this linky because it gives me time to think about my week!  This year I am all about writing things down, making goals, and trying to keep them.  This linky really helps me keep track of what I want to do, and how I can get it done this week!

I am so excited that we are having a superhero day again this year!  I created my superhero products last year when we had superhero day and it has been my best seller!  I am going to be looking at it again, adding, and changing some things!  I am going to put it into a bundle too!!  I LOVE this product!!

We celebrate the 100th day of school the same week as our superhero day so I have been working hard on a 100 day pack!  I am excited to spend the morning celebrating 100 days of learning!!  UPDATE ~ It's finished!!  You can check it out here!!

We have an Open House Tuesday night where we re going to be showing off our school to potential parents.  I am hoping I will get caught up on some work Tuesday night.

We go Tuesday to see the doctor again. I'm really hoping we'll get my daughter's cast off!  On Tuesday she'll have been in it for four weeks, and let me tell you, bathing a 19 month old in a cast IS. NOT. FUN!

I am so excited that next week is a short week!  I love random days off that I get to spend with my babies!!

Make sure you head over to The Teaching Trio so you can check out what everyone is up to this week!!

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