I can't believe we have LESS than three weeks for Christmas activities before break!  Where oh where is this month going to go!?!

Today I am excited to bring you some great ideas of things to do for math this month!!

I LOVE all of the great things that you can do during December to practice math skills and bring the Christmas magic to life in your classroom!!  One of my favorite things to do in class is to have a snowball fight!  There is no prep required for this, nothing you need to copy or have ready.  

Snowball fight out of scratch paper using math facts.  Have students throw their snowballs across the room to practice and have fun!

I had my students write a math fact on a sheet of paper.  It could be anything we had learned about, addition, subtraction, and beginning multiplication.  They had to write this in marker so we could tell the problems apart from the answers.  Then they took that sheet of paper and crumbled it into a ball.  On the count of THREE we started throwing the snowballs across the room.  Students then had to grab a snowball, flatten it out and answer the question.  They had to show their work, and write their name to get credit for their team.  I let them play for about 5 - 10 minutes!  Then we went through and quickly checked to see what team had the most points!  It was so much fun, they enjoyed it, and were totally engaged the whole time!

Building Christmas trees out of scrapbook paper and then measuring to the nearest quarter inch.

Another fun and easy activity that we do is create these Christmas trees out of scrapbook paper.  I use these scraps left over from our elves that we make earlier in the week.  They have to make their tree using at least six strips of paper.  They then measure their papers to the nearest quarter inch to practice their measurement skills.

Centers are a great place to have task cards so students can practice different math ideas to stay engaged and practicing

One of my other favorite ways to keep students engaged during these busy weeks is with lots of scoot games or task cards.  I love these because they are moving around, going from place to place, and not just sitting in one seat filling out a worksheet.  I typically will put these in centers or taped around the classroom with washi tape.  The students are able to practice many different skills using these tasks cards, and they can be engaging and fun!

Scoot games or task cards are a great way to keep students engaged during busy times of the year

There are a lot of great task cards that you can use to keep your students engaged, learning and having fun this month!!  You can check out my snowman set here, my growing multiplication and division bundle, lots of awesome math products on TPT like this awesome freebie by Angie from Lucky Little Learners.

You can find more awesome ideas by these wonderful teachers too!!
I'm Marissa from Inspired Owl's Corner, and I'm so excited and honored to be chosen to be a part of the talented and amazing Cassandra's 30 Amazing Teachers guest blogging series! Thank you, Cassandra, for including me! :)
I found Cassandra on Instagram a while back. I could tell from her posts that she was as crazy about teaching as I am! I loved how kind, positive, and enthusiastic she was about teaching and life. She quickly became one of my favorite people to follow. I just love her energy! I also love our little teacher bloggy world and all of the creativity and inspiration that flows from it!
Since December is my favorite month, and Christmas is my favorite holiday, I decided to share a few ideas I use
to create the magic of the holidays in my classroom. 
Two years ago, an elf visited my classroom for the month of December. Last year, we had another elf visit us for the month. The kids were so excited! And they HAD to be well behaved since our elf was watching over them! (Luckily, all of my students were able to participate in Christmas activities!)
We created a paper bag scrapbook to document our elf's antics. We wrote about our elf and added photos to our class scrapbook. 
Each day the students were excited to look for Jingles. Sometimes he was hard to find, and they thought he left for good!
One day our elf "elfed" us and brought us treats too! We ended up elfing our school after that! (Click on the picture to see this freebie).
Having our class elf added to the magic of our holidays. As my own children are getting older and that magic isn't the same, I am able to relive the magic through the eyes of my students. I love helping to create that for them. These are the moments they will always remember!
I also wanted to share a wonderful website I found a few years ago. Have you heard of the Portable North Pole? It's a website where you can create free personalized messages from Santa. They are just precious! I made videos a few years ago when my children were younger, and they loved them. You personalize the videos by adding pictures and information about your child. They now offer a paid video or phone call, but I have always done the free video. You can click on the picture below to check out the site and watch sample videos.  
Last year I created this freebie incentive to help with the December craziness. One day our elf brought a stuffed deer and a letter, incentive charts, and passes from the North Pole. The letter stated that the group with the most stickers on their group incentive charts would get to keep the stuffed reindeer at their table group the next day. They weren't allowed to touch the elf, but the reindeer could be touched. This was a huge incentive for my students to stay on task and focused during class! 
Every year on the last day of school before break, the students rotate through holiday centers instead of a party. The students create art projects, an ornament, we have cookie decorating, and they make magic reindeer food. I have included directions and printables in my freebie Magic Reindeer Food pack. Students throw the reindeer food in their yards to help the reindeer find their way. Click on the photo below to see it. 
We also make the adorable reindeer below. They are made with scrapbook paper and one-inch graph paper. It's always interesting to see which students are able to color the squares in the correct pattern. They always turn out adorable whether they follow the pattern or not! Click on the photo below to grab this freebie.
I hope you have found a few ideas that will help add to the magic in your classroom! We would love to hear your ideas for making the holidays magical!

Did you hear that it is time for a sale again!?!  I love the TPT sales because it helps me get ready for some great times during the school year!  I have some awesome products in my cart ready to purchase on Monday!  I wanted to share with you some of my most wish listed items in my store!

A fun linky party where you can check out everyone's most wish listed items!

I LOVE my products that are in my top three list!!  They are some of my favorites, and some of my most used products!

Superhero writing is a great way to have students practice their writing while they are engaged in their learning

This writing product is one of my favorites, and the kids LOVE it!  They get to color their own superhero and then they describe their superhero.

A creation interactive notebook to keep students engaged in their religion lessons

I LOVE teaching religion, it is one of my favorite parts of our day.  My students enjoy using these notebook pages because it keeps them involved in their learning, and helps them feel as if they part of the lesson.  There are notebook pages where they get to color each day of creation, and then reflection questions to reflect on their learning.

Superhero day is one of our favorite days of the year, and this superhero math pack allows you to engage students on a crazy day!

My most wish listed idea is a FAVORITE in my class every year!  We have a superhero day and we have so much fun using these math centers!!  I have math centers for both first and third graders.  The centers range from adding, multiplication and graphing.

I hope that you have found some awesome ideas, and if you are looking for more make sure to check out the linky above so you can find more great ideas to add to your basket on Monday for a great price!!
Happy Friday!  We have made it!!  It is the last day before Thanksgiving Break!!

I started my week sitting in front of my fireplace!  I love that it is getting cooler, and that I get to use this part of my house now!!

We packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child this week at school!  This is an awesome organization to donate to because they send these boxes to children around the world who would not otherwise receive a gift.  It was awesome to see our students give so generously and be excited to pack the boxes!!  This is just a small pile of the boxes that we sent out!!

Do you follow the amazing Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in Second yet!?!  I LOVED her scope earlier this week about her goals!  I was so excited to get these going!!

Have you checked out my amazing friend Nicki yet?!  She is the sweetest ever, and I LOVE her!  She has some amazing things in her store, and she is adding more and more every day!!

I just bought this CD this week, and I am LOVING it!!  So amazing!!

I was so honored to be asked to be part of my friend Cassandra’s 30 Amazing Teachers.  I’m Jennifer, the blogger behind The Blessed Teacher and I truly live a BLESSED life!

30 amazing teachers
I’m Blessed by Friendships

Cassandra and I connected through Instagram and finally met for lunch one day about a year and a half ago.

A photo posted by theblessedteacher (@theblessedteacher) on

I have been beyond blessed by our friendship.  Our friendship has grown to include some other amazing Arizona bloggers that are part of my bloggy bestie tribe!

I am incredibly blessed to call Ashlyn from The Creative Classroom, Caitlin from The Kinder Garden and Maribel from Learning in Wonderland my friends.  I have learned so much from them.  They have taught me new things, challenged me, and come to my rescue on all things techie!

I’m Blessed by My Co-Workers

I love the ladies I work with.  They keep me sane on crazy days, make me laugh when I feel like I might lose it, and help when I’m sick and can’t get anything done!

3rd Grade Team

I also feel incredibly blessed to teach where I do.  It’s the school right in my neighborhood.  I was a stay at home mom when my girls were babies and when my youngest entered kindergarten in our neighborhood school I was blessed to be hired as a third grade teacher.  That was 11 years ago and I was able to be there with my girls for their 8 years at our school. 

Here is a picture of my home away from home.

Classroom with Watermark

Between my family life, teacher life, and blogging/TpT life I have been blessed beyond measure.

And now I would love to bless you with a FREEBIE for Thanksgiving to help you and your class count your blessings.


Thanks for letting me share Mrs. 3rd Grade!
I am so excited that it is the 15th again so I can bring you some Sunshine today!  Here in Arizona we have a little rain today, and it is not full of sunshine!!  I am excited to share with you today though, and bring a little sunshine to our day!!

Share some sunshine with Hello Sunshine Teachers every month on the 15th!

Do you follow the amazing Ashley, from Schroeder Shenanigans in Second!?!  She is one of my bloggy favorites and I am so glad that I get to interact with her so much more now thanks to technology!  She scoped tonight about her AMAZING goal list for the week!!  I LOVE it!! 

Sharing sunshine with weekly goals with a fun printable made by Ashley!

I LOVE it so much that I have already printed it, and guess what?!!  I printed it on cardstock on accident, but I LOVE the fact that I did that!  Now I am going to write my weekly goals, and then laminate it!!  How much better will that be!?!

Do you have consistent goals that you would like to obtain!?  Make sure to check out Ashley's post so you can keep track of your goals too!!  Thank you Ashley for sharing with us!!

I would LOVE if you could share some sunshine with us on Hello Sunshine Teachers!!
I am so excited to be part of a #tptchat every Sunday night!  A few weeks ago a few of us were talking about starting a #tptchat linky party!  We ran with it and it was born!  Thanks to an amazing fellow blogger, Victoria, over at Teach with a Smile, our idea was born!!

There is so much to be thankful during this holiday season and I am so blessed beyond  my years!  I am so thankful for so much in this TPT journey that I have been on.  I have been working at this for two years now, and working hard for the past year or so.

Teachers Pay Teachers has brought me so many amazing experiences.  I have been able to travel to different areas to meet up with some amazing teachers!!  I have also been able to find some awesome resources for my classroom!  I am so thankful for amazing teachers who inspire me DAILY thanks to interactions on text, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope and blogs!

I have an amazing family that supports and loves me in all that I do.  I am so blessed with an amazing husband who supports me and is eager to help me succeed.    I have amazing babies who are so much fun, but keep me on my toes!!

I am so thankful that I have been blessed to teach in a private school for the past eight years.  I love that I am able to teach them about real life experiences and share my faith with them at the same time.  It is exciting to me when they open up to me about what is going on, and we are able to talk about why things happen, or what is going on.  It is also great when they start asking the hard questions and we are able to dive into it and find out more.

This next month I am so excited to teach my students more about giving.  My students are very blessed and have much more than they need.  We talked this past week about how we are going to be giving and how it is so much better than receiving.  I have some ideas on what we can do to help spread our gifts.  I am looking forward to helping them see how much they have, and how much they can give.

I have so much to be thankful for, and there is never enough time to list it all.  I have been sharing something I am thankful for everyday on Facebook this month.  I love the tradition I have of doing this and making sure that people know that I am thankful for them.

We hope that you will join us and link up with what you are thankful for!

I have survived my week of parent teacher conferences!!  I am so thankful for the time that I was able to spend with each of my parents meeting with them to discuss their child's progress, but thankful for the extra time back in our week!!

This week we finished up our place value interactive notebooks.  I LOVE that my students are able to practice their skills, and then create their own numbers and not just use the ones that are created for them!

This week was a fun week of parent teacher conferences.  We had a great time meeting with parents this week, and getting to share our student's growth and achievements.  I shared all about my parent teacher conference tips here!  

I was excited to start cleaning some things out and find my awesome Thanksgiving math task cards and some of my Christmas ones!  I was excited to get the copies made, and ready to go for the next four weeks!  I know that they are going to FLY BY!!

Do you follow my amazing friend Angie?!  Wednesday night she posted on Instagram this amazing picture!  I immediately ran to my TPT cart and added it!  My kids LOVE their brag tags this year, and I am so thankful that Angie keeps giving  me more great ideas on how to give them new brag tags!!

This week's video is all about the great things that God has done for us!  I know I wouldn't be where I am without His mercy and grace.

I love science in my classroom.  I did not enjoy science when I was in school which is why I strive to make it exciting now!

A great way to keep students engaged in science lessons and help them remember the science vocabulary

You can check out my ideas on how I make science exciting over on Hello Sunshine Teachers today!
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