Today I am excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

This week has so much meaning to me and I am so blessed to work in a school where I am able to share my faith with my students.  This week we took a deep look into the last moments of Jesus's life, and reflected on what it meant to us.

An inspiring or thought provoking message on your whiteboard in the morning can set the tone for your whole day!  How do you want to inspire your students today!?

Do you follow Miss 5th on IG yet!?!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!  She has some of the most inspiring posts, an her white boards are AMAZING!!  I have started posting messages on my white board to my students every day! It is fun to come up with creative ways to inspire them and get them moving in the morning!

What is your go to school supply!?  I am working on a big project and need to know!!  If you follow me on IG then you saw this earlier this week!!  I have started packing my classroom and I have an entire BOX of post its!!  oops!!  #sorrynotsorry

There is something AWESOME coming to IG this afternoon!  If you do not follow me there yet, make sure you go now!!  You won't want to miss out on this TEE-rific opportunity!!

This song always speaks to me as Easter quickly approaches.  Jeremy Camp is one of my favorite artists, and this song has been one of my favorites for years!

Hey y'all!
I am beyond excited that Cassandra has asked me to be a part of her 30th birthday celebration!
Cassandra is the best online friend out there!  
She is so sweet and I am so glad I have "met" her!
I hope to one day meet her in real life!!
Spring is one of my favorite times of the year!
And one of my favorite ways to bring in a new season is with poetry!
Even though April is poetry month, I like to teach poetry all year long.
This week in my class, we have really jumped in to the discussion of figurative language!
We made these alliteration rainbows and they were a big hit!
My favorite thing to do is have my kiddos writing poetry.
My kiddos this year are huge fans of acrostic poems! 
We probably have written an acrostic poem for every holiday/season this year!
I created these Spring poetry writing pages for you to use in your class!
You can grab those here!
Hope you are getting some fabulous spring weather and if not, I hope it's coming for you soon!!

Happy Spring!!

Happy Friday! I am so excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you my Five for Friday today!!

A great morning message is a fun way to get your students excited about the day and ready to tackle anything!

Going back the week after Spring Break is always an adjustment, but I was determined to jump right into things and get my kids fired up for the LAST QUARTER!  Can you believe we are already 3/4 of the way done with the school year?!!  Thanks to some inspiration from Miss 5th I wrote this awesome note to my students to inspire them!!

An amazing TWO DO list to help you tackle your lists and make sure you can handle everything!

I LOVE these two do lists!!  What a great idea from one my fellow AZ besties, Ashlyn!!  I can't wait to get these copied and ready to go so I can tackle all of my TWO do lists!!

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This week we started our ecosystem projects.  I love these projects because they are able to learn more about different ecosystems, and we look at producers, consumers, decomposers, food chains, food webs, predators and prey all at the same time!

This week has been a week of answered prayers!  Last week I was very worried about what I would be doing this next year.  I didn't have any leads as of a week ago.  Since then I have had TWO interviews, and now have TWO job offers!  I am so excited about what I will be doing next year and can't wait to make my final decision.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for me and where He is leading me!!

I was driving home from running some errands on Sunday and this song came on the radio. I had just heard Building 429 at a concert a few weeks ago, and this song just spoke to me this week!  I LOVE it and it has been on REPEAT all week!!  I hope that you love it too!

Have you read The Ten-Minute Inservice yet?!  It is great!  I am so excited to be teaming up with these amazing ladies to bring you a book study on it!!

The Ten-Minute Inservice book study is a great way to learn new ideas to keep your staff excited about teaching!

The second section of the book is all about Teaching Practices!  I LOVE these!  This is where we get to figure out how we can become better teachers!  Isn't that what we all strive to be, the best teacher we can?!

Are you an effective teacher?!  What can you do to be better?!

The first two inservice ideas jumped off the page for me!  You are going to have your teachers take a test to determine if they think the teaching strategy is effective, or NOT effective.  Then you are going to have them pick one or two of those areas and have them work on them for the week to see how they can improve them!  I LOVE this idea because it is giving them something tangible to work on.  Then they will know that they shouldn't begin a lesson with please open the book to page 20.  I think it would be AWESOME if we were able to go through these things together, with your principal, so you would know exactly what your principal thinks are effective strategies or non-effective strategies.

Teaching bell to bell is something that great teachers do!  We want to make sure that our students are engaged!!

When you plan your lessons do you plan from bell to bell!?  This was a great inservice idea on how to discourage distractions from happening in your classroom.  When you have overplanned or planned out enough that there is not time for students to have down time, then you will limit the distractions in your classroom.  When students know that you have high expectations for what they are going to get down, and that you have another great activity planned for them, they are going to rise to the occasion and work from BELL to BELL!!  I LOVE this idea!!

Teaching like a COACH is a great way to keep your students excited and on their toes during the school day!

How many games have you been to where you see the coach sitting on the sideline not paying attention to what is going on out on the court or the field?  Anyone?  I don't think that I have ever been to a game like that and I know I didn't coach like that either.  So then, why is it that teachers find their desks so important in their classrooms!?  Now I know that we all like to be organized and have somewhere to keep all of that stuff that we have.  But, does that mean that you should have a super comfy teacher chair too!?  I don't think so, because you shouldn't be in it unless your kids AREN'T in your classroom.  Now I know I am guilty of this too, but I plan on tackling the fourth quarter with a new mindset!  A great coach doesn't sit on the bench and watch the game.  A great coach is UP and MOVING around during the game!  He is helping his players out and giving pointers.  What a great idea, to be a great teacher you can be a great coach.

School is FUN!!  School should not be a place that subtends dread, but somewhere they know that they get to spend the day learning and HAVING FUN!!

I firmly believe that school should be FUN!!  Yes, you should have structure, and yes you should teach BELL to BELL, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring!  As the teacher you need to set the stage and share the excitement!  I don't know anyone who doesn't this better than Hope King!!  I am sure that most of you know who she is, but if you don't, please go RUN and check her out!!

You need to be excited about what you are teaching!  Sure, it may not be something that you love, but if you aren't showing an excitement about what you are going to teach, then WHY are your students going to be EXCITED?!

If you are looking for some more EXCITING teachers to follow download PERISCOPE!  There are some AMAZING teachers on there that you will want to connect with!!  Ashley Schroeder, Angie Olson, Crystal Oswald, Ashlyn Ellsworth and Brooke Brown are some of my GO TO ladies who always inspire and get me ready for the next lesson!!

If you want to check out more about the book, feel free to check out these other bloggers to learn more great tips and inservice ideas!

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I'm so honored to be apart of my friend Cassandra's 30 amazing teachers series to celebrate her 30th! Thank you for thinking of me!!

My name is Lindsey, and I teach 3rd grade in southeast Iowa.

I also blog at Miss Johnston's Journey, and am a graphic/blog designer at L. Paull Designs for All. My designing journey is actually what brought Cassandra and I together initially. She chose me to design her blog! :D
*side note: I'm currently not blog designing*

So, in the spirit of birthdays (mine was just Saturday) I thought I'd share how I celebrate student birthdays in my classroom, and how I celebrate mine, too! Stay tuned for a freebie, and giveaway!

For student birthdays, I write them a card. 
I just get some blank colored ones from Target, and this year I used Creative Teaching Press birthday stickers to add a little something.

They absolutely LOVE getting their card, and always ask immediately if they can open it. 
For summer birthdays, I mail them their card! I've slacked off in the past, but this year I'm making it happen!

I also cover their chair with our happy birthday cover, give them the birthday hat, and a birthday pencil!
We also sign the Happy Birthday Song from Koo Koo Kangaroo on Go Noodle!

We celebrated my birthday on Thursday, because I had a workshop on Friday. It is one of my favorite days of the year, and my kids' too!
It's Pajama Day!
*I have 18 students currently, 2 were absent. This is a really small class size for me. I started the year with 23. I have had 12 changes to my roster with move-ins and move-outs.*

We enjoy donuts and milk in the morning. This year all of my students brought their personalized pillow pets I gave them for Valentine's Day.

It is a great, relaxing day! 

It's time for a freebie!
I created this mini seller kit for you all to enjoy!
I created a bunch of freebie graphics last can check those out here!

We're not done!
Cassandra and I are giving away a $30 gift card to my favorite place... Target!

March is here and the beginning of this year is just flying by!!  Only three short months of the school year left, where has time gone!?!

I am linking up with Farley to bring you my Currently!!

How many of you have always watched Fuller House!?!  This show has made me miss Full House and I am loving it!  Super cute and corny, just like I LOVE it!!  I may be on episode 8 and almost done!!

I am excited for Spring Break!!  We are going on a surprise trip and I can't wait!!  My mom and I are taking the kids and it is going to be so much fun!!

My teaching partner and I are starting to work on our plans for the rest of the year!  We can't believe how quickly things are going to fly by!

We don't have a poll site on campus, but if we did then we would have to shut down campus.  We have a packing event for FMSC once every 18 months, and we shut down campus for that because of security.  I couldn't imagine having strangers on campus and letting them roam the halls while our kids were in school.

I hope that everyone has a great March!

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