Currently ~ March

March is here and the beginning of this year is just flying by!!  Only three short months of the school year left, where has time gone!?!

I am linking up with Farley to bring you my Currently!!

How many of you have always watched Fuller House!?!  This show has made me miss Full House and I am loving it!  Super cute and corny, just like I LOVE it!!  I may be on episode 8 and almost done!!

I am excited for Spring Break!!  We are going on a surprise trip and I can't wait!!  My mom and I are taking the kids and it is going to be so much fun!!

My teaching partner and I are starting to work on our plans for the rest of the year!  We can't believe how quickly things are going to fly by!

We don't have a poll site on campus, but if we did then we would have to shut down campus.  We have a packing event for FMSC once every 18 months, and we shut down campus for that because of security.  I couldn't imagine having strangers on campus and letting them roam the halls while our kids were in school.

I hope that everyone has a great March!

Oh Boy It's Farley


  1. The countdown is on! Where are you going on your Surprise trip? Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. I totally watched the whole seasons of Fuller House last weekend and I loved it too! So so good! Enjoy!

  3. Have a great spring break! It's so hard to believe it's almost here. Where did the year go? Have a great rest of the year.

  4. I loved Fuller House too....I finished it all last weekend! Eeeekkk! And YAY for a surprise trip! Have a great time!!

  5. I absolutely LOVED Full House growing up, but I don't have Netflix so I haven't seen Fuller House yet. I am really thinking I need to convince my hubs to get it for me so I can catch up!


  6. I may or may not have binge watched the entire season of Fuller House last Friday and Saturday :) (Okay, I shame!)

    I was on break from my graduate class so I totally indulged because I usually never have time for TV. I loved Full House growing up and Fuller House is so corny but I love it. Oh.The.Feels.


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