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Hello friends!  Heather here from Learning with Mrs. Langley. 

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that Mrs. 3rd Grade has asked me to be part of her 30th year celebration.  She is the first blogger that I actually met in real life.  We discovered we lived close through noticing pictures on IG.  How cool is that?  We were fast friends!

Today I want to share one of my new FAVORITES in my classroom.  Since returning to Kindergarten I have completely revamped the way I teach small groups and guided reading.  Let's be real for a minute...in Kindergarten all of the REAL instruction happens during small groups (and other grades too).  I can differentiate for all my little learners in small groups.  It has been a year long "figuring out" project for me!

I threw this cover together to motivate myself to be organized.   Anything colorful will surely stay out on my desk and not get lost!

I have two groups of Kinders so I keep them separated with these tabs.  We call them the BLUE group and the GOLD group (our school colors) so these tabs were perfect!

In the front of each group I keep a schedule of the students that I meet with daily.  I meet with ALL students 3 times a week and if they need a little extra help (AKA the low group) then I meet with them every single day.  This has helped my "low" group become my "benchmark" group.  Yes!  With all of the extra work they have been putting in we are getting there!

I keep a schedule of what we are doing each day in the front of the book so I know what I'm doing once I call over my little friends.  This was my BIGGEST STRUGGLE!  I had the best intentions but I never knew what to do!

Now I switch through a routine of using our small group materials from Reading Street, letter naming intervention, phoneme segmentation intervention, and CVC word work.  Keeping this all in one place (with a plan in mind) has helped me keep an organized reading intervention time!

So with my awesome new schedule and organized planner I was inspired to put together some great intervention pages.  With my head clear I could focus on exactly what my kiddos needed!  I started with letter naming because I still had a few that needed that:

I have another group that could still use some help with phoneme segmentation:

And some CVC pages too:

All of these intervention pages are available in my store you can click HERE to see them!

I included the schedule pages in these interventions packets but I've got them for you HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and a big THANK YOU to Mrs. 3rd Grade for including me!  Have a great week friends!

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