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I'm doing my first Currently and am so excited to start figuring out a system to blog more!!  Things have been so crazy for me starting back to school, I feel as if I have never taught before!!

Thank you Oh' Boy 4th Grade for having this awesome linky party every month!

Listening - I love listening to Pandora, it helps me make it through my day!!  My current favorite song is Cornerstone by United, so I keep listening to the station hoping it will come on!  We live in AZ, so the AC is constantly running!  I can't wait for it to cool down!!

Loving - I love having the extra time at home to spend with my kiddos!  Plus a three day weekend, means a four day work week!  Too bad that just means we try and put even more into those four days!  Sonic is a favorite of mine.  I love the fruit slushes!!  I could have one every day!!  I try to go during happy hour, and then I don't feel as bad paying only $1 for a drink!!  My favorite is the lemon raspberry slush!

Thinking - I am trying out a bunch of new things this year in my teaching, so I have been doing math groups and trying the Daily 5.  My kids are loving both, but I am trying to make sure they are running smoothly, and that all kids are reaching their goals.  So far, so good, we'll see how it goes this month.  HIMYM - How I Met Your Mother, is a show the hubby and I are plowing through right now.  We just started season four.  We are trying to finish before the series finale, so that way no one will tell us who she is!!

Wanting - I love spending time with my kids, and even a three day weekend isn't enough.  I love teaching, but I love being a mom so much more!!  Next weekend my daughter is being baptized, so I can't wait for her godparents to get into town Friday night!!  Plus we get to meet our niece!!

Needing - I need a system to let parents sign up to come in to help with math, Daily 5, and lunch.  We don't let parents upstairs, so I can't have something outside my room, and a lot of parents do drop off or pick up.  I need to find an online system to have them sign up.  This way I don't have to constantly email asking for help, or reminding.

Love - I started out strong last month working out every day.  Around the 15th I stopped, and I need to get back into the swing of things.  I was also doing really well about eating my fruits and veggies, and staying away from carbs.  That also went backwards!!  On the 21st we are having our first book club meeting, and I am barely started on Gone Girl!!  I have a long way to go if I am going to have it done in time!


  1. Could you possibly try a Google Document to have parents sign up? You could create a spreadsheet or table with the dates and times, and parents could fill in their names on the slots they wish to come in for? I used it for a giveaway once, and as long as you make it editable and shareable, the parents can see and edit the document. Just a thought? I don't have parents come in to volunteer, so I don't have anything like this.

    I am sure you will love meeting your niece! Aren't new babies the best? Have a great 4 day week! :-)

    Blooming In First

  2. Oh my word we are soooo similar! I love love love Sonic AND HIMYM! I am also working at a school with 4 day weeks and I'm fairly new to the blog'o'shere myself :) Another blogger suggested using as a way to organize volunteers. I haven't checked it out yet but she had wonderful things to say!

    A Little Bird in Third

  3. Erica is onto something with the Google doc. Parents and teachers love it once they start using them. You can also use FORMS within documents to keep things organized! Play around with it a bit and see what you can do! Good luck either way!

  4. I would love to know how you do your math small groups. Do you still teach whole group? We're required to teach whole group and 2 math small groups. I love it. I love the ability to see those low kids and give them the direct support they need. But sometimes it's a bit overwhelming. This is my second year with math small group, but I would love to see how you run yours.

  5. This was my first time linking up with Currently also. I'm trying to semi-implement Daily 5 in my Reading block, too. You'll have to give me some pointers and let me know how it's going!
    Mrs. Miller’s Monkey Business

  6. Thank you so much everyone! I have started using a google doc for my parent volunteers and I love it!! It's great to be able to set up, and just send out the link to my parents! I will be posting about my math groups and Daily 5 soon!


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