Meet the Teacher Monday!

I am so excited to try another link up with Blog Hoppin'!! You should check out their blog and see all of the awesome teachers that are on this link!  Seriously these bloggers inspire me every time I read about them on my blog lovin' app!!  Plus, it gives me something to do at 3 in the morning!

I'm so excited to try and blog about each of the following things this week, and I hope that it starts to get me into a pattern about blogging about my classroom!  Cross your fingers, and hopefully I will get into a routine for this!!

So . . . . .
1.  I have two beautiful children!!  Bubba just turned two on Friday, and Sissy will be four months at the end of the month!!  These two keep me very busy!!

2.  My hubby and I have been married for six years now!  If you asked me six years ago if I would have two children already, I would have told you no way, just one, but I wouldn't trade Bubba and Sissy for the world!!

3.  I am new to this blogging thing, and I am trying to get better at it every day.  I definitely stalk other blogs while I am up feeding sissy in the middle of the night.  It helped me make it through the summer, that's for sure!!

4.  I started my sixth year in third grade today!  I have 26 kiddos in my class this year, which is a high for me.  Last year I only had 19 when they were all there, so I know this year will be very different.  I also have an aide every day though, so hopefully I can stick to my never bringing work home to grade, and then I can blog more!!

5.  I was a cheerleader from fourth grade until my freshmen year of college.  I also did competitive cheerleading for three years.  The only reason I even became a cheerleader was because my friends told me they were going to try out, and then never did!

6.  My best friend just moved away, and left me at our school!!  She moved to Vegas, and we keep trying to plan trips to get together already.  I miss her, and my first day of school was not the same without her!

7.  Since I am done having kids now, I have been on a really good rhythm of eating healthy, cutting out soda, and working out, since August 1.  I am really hoping that I will be able to stick with this diet, as I lost 3 pounds in the first week!!  I know that now that school has started getting up at 5 isn't always going to be ideal, but if that is the only time I can workout, then I have to do it!

8.  I am the volleyball coach at my school, but I have never played before!!  I was asked to coach since I was one of the younger ones on my staff when I moved to the school six years ago.  Now, six years later, I couldn't imagine not doing it.  We may not be the best, but at least we have fun.

9.  I am in a bible study with some of my favorite ladies!!  We meet every other week this year, and it is something that I look forward to, and can't wait for!!  It's the only homework I have ever LOVED doing!

10.  I have a strong faith, and love for Jesus.  I love working in a school where I am able to share that with the kids, and they know that I love and care for them!

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