Christmas in Class!

December is such a busy month!!  We did so many activities in class to prepare for our Christmas break!  We read the story of Jesus being born, and how King Herod wanted to find Jesus.  We talked a lot about the gift that God gave to each of us, and how that is the best gift that we can get this Christmas season.

On our Christmas stockings we wrote not a wish for ourselves, but a wish for someone else.  My students came up with some interesting things that they wish for each other, or for others not in our classroom.  One students wishes that his friend will own a car dealership when he grows up!  Others wished for presents for those who don't have any, or even for food for the poor!

We also spent a couple of days giving gifts to random teachers and students in our school.  We decorated foam presents for the first graders, and put them on their desks with a pencil!  We did this while they were out at lunch, so they were surprised when they came back in!

We also gave the 8th graders cupcakes, two teachers plates full of cookies, and our sixth grade teacher cozy socks!  The students enjoyed doing these things, and we tried to keep them a secret as much as we could!

Our favorite activity was a writing activity where we were able to write stories as if we were elves, and then create an elf!  This was from Kayla Delzer and it is in her TPT store!  If you don't already own this product make sure that you go and check it out for next year!  My kids loved it!  It was amazing to see how each elf started the same, but when the kids were done they all had their own unique elves hanging around our classroom!

I'm looking forward to getting my kiddos back next week, and to hear all about their amazing Christmas breaks, but I am going to enjoy this next week with my babies!  I hope that everyone has a great week off!

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