Ways to use numbers in a classroom

Using student numbers in your classroom is a perfect way to prepare for your new school year before you have your student list.

I love using student numbers in my classroom.  It is a perfect way to get things ready for the school year before you have your class roster.  I know that sometimes we don't get our roster until the day before school starts, or the day school starts and how frustrating that can be.  Using student numbers allows you to get things organized and set up without having to worry about students changing or leaving before you write their name on everything.

Using numbers to label where you hang your brag tags allows you the chance to leave them up year after year and not have to change the tags.

By putting up student numbers above where I hang the students brag tags we can be sure that the brag tags always get hung up in the correct spot.  This also allows me to leave the signs up year after year so that way I don't have to change them every year.

Using numbers on student display work boards is a great way to have students know where their work is going to be and make sure that you have every student's work up!

This is my favorite way to display student work!  I love that the students always know where their work is going to be, and then I know who still hasn't turned something in with a quick look at the wall.  I use these awesome place mats from the Dollar Tree and then clothespins!  I use their numbers and hot glue them to the clothespins.

Labeling student notebooks and workbooks with numbers is a great way to prepare before school starts and you have your student roster.

Another great way to get ready before school starts is to number number notebooks or workbooks so that way students know which book is theirs.  Also, it allows you one more thing to have completed before students come.

Using numbers on student desks is a great way to have students know where their desk is, and helps keep the typical name tag off the top of the desk.

Using numbers on student desks is an easy way to assign desks to students before you have your class roster again.  I had labels and then used packing tape to attach them to the desk.  These lasted so much longer than the typical name tag.  I put them in the top left corner of their desk and they left them alone for the year.  it was great that most of them we had to rip off in May!

Having somewhere for students to collect their graded and returned papers is essential.  My mailboxes have been perfect for this.  I have a bucket that I put all of my graded work into before I put them in their mailboxes so that way I can have students return papers for me, or so I can do a big pile all at once.  This also allows me to not have to change things year after year, and it makes going back to school that much easier in August.

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