Day Two

I wasn't able to get as much work done today as I had wanted to.  By the end of yesterday I had taken down my Hathaway Castaway board, and my display work board.  I also spent time moving my desk, and some filing cabinets.

Today I spent time rehanging the Hathaway Castaways board, as well as going through one of the filing cabinets, and trying to start cleaning out my closet.  I am trying to get super organized this year, and get as much done in the time that I can.

I turned my desk, and used a green table cloth from Walmart for the wall
My new blank wall!
I'm going to use glue dots to put the letters up.  Right now they are up with push pins.
My closet is much more organized now, even though you may not be able to tell.
God Bless!! 

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