Black Friday is quickly approaching!

I can't believe we are in the holiday week, and Thanksgiving is on Thursday!!  I usually plan my Black Friday shopping with my mom, but this year we aren't planning on doing a lot of Christmas shopping for our family.  We are going to be practicing the rule of three this year!  My kiddos are each only going to get three present, my husband is only going to get three presents, my parents will only get three presents, and I will only get three presents.

As a family we have so much more than we need, and we have so much to be thankful for!

Of course my wish list for TPT is continuing to grow!  I have so many ideas for my classroom, and I love finding teachers who have also used these same ideas and have already created them for me!!  That is why I am linking up with The Primary Pack to share with you my wish list!!

I love these sellers and I can't wait to add them to my cart!!  I love ALL things Krista Wallden, and these elves are going to be perfect for some December products!!  Currently is my favorite link up, and this classroom edition is going to be amazing for my students!  They would LOVE it!!  Finally, in January I will be teaching my kids all about multiplication, so this amazing pack would be a great way to share with my students without having to create my own products.

My Twinkling Lights pack is a bundle of all of my multiplication products that I have started creating for the month of December.  I am hoping to ease my kids into multiplication.  Right now it has three products in it, but I plan on working a lot tho sweet to add three more!!

My thankful cards are my favorite product that I've created so far!!  EVERY Thursday my kids get a card and they write down what they are thankful for.  I have them hanging in my classroom, and at the end of the year they'll get to take home a bundle of cards showing what they have been thankful for this year!
The Primary Pack

Make sure you go check out The Primary Pack so you can link up, share your wish list, and then enter their giveaway!!  It's amazing!!

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