5 LONG days . . .

I only have 5 days between me and Thanksgiving break!  There is A LOT going on in the next week though!!

I have to get all of our yearbook pictures uploaded this week!  I am in charge of putting the yearbook together, and I have not uploaded any pictures to the website yet.  I have tons uploaded to our server at school, but haven't started uploading them to the site.  My plan is to work on the yearbook next week, and since I won't be at school I won't have access to the server, so I MUST get that done this week!

I also have Parent Teacher conferences this week!  Our students are dismissed at 11:35 on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we have conferences beginning at 12:30 those days, and my last ones don't start until 4:10.  We stick to 15 minute conferences, 20 minutes apart.  We try to plan ours so parents who have multiple kids only have to come to school once for their conferences.

Since I have conferences this week I am having a sale for you!!

I have marked down ALL of my fall products for you this week!  I have also bundled a few of them together, so you can get them at even a better deal!

Make sure you stop by All Things Apple and The Teaching Trio to see some other amazing ideas and sales!!


  1. Aren't trying to plan parent/teacher conferences a fine balancing act? We try to do the same thing where parents have back-to-back conferences for siblings, but if one gets off, it's a domino effect. I hope yours all go successful and you enjoy your Thanksgiving!
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

  2. That's so cute that you go to dinner with your students! I hear ya girly on the parent teacher conferences. Mine is this upcoming week too. Good luck!

    A LoveLi Class


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