I am linking up with Just a Primary Girl again this week for her Pinspired Thursday!!  I love this link up because it combines two of my favorite things!!  Blogging, and Pinterest!!

This week I am sharing something not teaching related, but something I have in my home.

I get my inspiration for this project here!

I love this, and it hangs in our master bedroom.  I found the frame on sale at Joann's a few years ago, and then cut the words on my Cricut!  I love that both my husband and I are able to write on the glass, and it's easy to clean off!!

We don't use it nearly as much as we should, but it is great to see a little message from my hubby every now and then!!
I am linking up with Kristin over at My Carolina Classroom for her fun new linky Tuesday Timesaver!!

My timesaving trick I am sharing with you this week is an idea I saw on Pinterest a couple of years ago.  We all love to share our students' work, and put it on display.  How many of us enjoy the stapling, and staple removing?  Or how many of our administrations love when we put that many staples in the wall?!

Well, now I don't ever have to staple, it's quick, easy, and my kids can do it themselves!!

I use dollar tree place mats as my frames!  Then I spray pained some clothespins pink and orange.  I hot glued the clothes pin to the center of the mat, and now I have a quick and easy way to hang work all year long!!  This has actually been up for two years now, and I have only had to replace a few clothespins!!

Make sure to link up with Kristin so you can share your time saving trick!!
Today my kids and I started a new social studies project!  We have been working hard on our economics unit, and knowing that this is our last full week of school I didn't want to give them ANOTHER test this week.

Instead, I told them we would be doing a huge end of the unit project so they could show me what they know.

I created a big lemonade stand project, and today was the assembly today.  I usually have an aide, so my goal was for her to be there with us to help us assemble our lap books.  My aide had to stay home because her daughter was sick, so instead my 25 third graders all successfully put together their own lap books!!

It took us a LONG time to put our books together today, and we even filled out our purchase orders for day one.  I made sure to check their math, and ask them about what they were purchasing.

It took a LONG time for me to assure them that they did not have to go home and actually have a lemonade stand, but once we got past that part, they started to understand what we were doing.  I think they were more upset that I wasn't really going to give each of them $100 to go and spend!!

I look forward to working on this project this week, working out all of the kinks, and then hopefully getting this up on TPT this weekend!

Little do they know that they are practicing their math and reasoning skills at the same time!!  I LOVE it, and it kept them entertained and busy for a good chunk of our day today!!
I am linking up with Christina over at Sugar and Spice for her Wordless Wednesday!!

Who is your favorite clip art artist on TPT?!!  I love Krista Walden!!

I can't believe it is already May 9!!  Where is this month going!?!  Since it is Friday morning I don't count today as a day that is over yet, so I have 12 1/2 school days left!!!  Eeekk!!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for their fun linky party!!

It has been quite a week this week!!

Wednesday when I got home from work I had a nice package waiting for me on the table!  My sister got engaged, and she had this nice little box for me!!  I am so excited to be my little sister's Matron of Honor!!  She is getting married next May so we have lots of time to plan fun activities!!

This week my kids were so excited because we have finally leveled up our first champ on Go Noodle!  They had picked Rad Chad for our first guy, and yesterday we have successfully completed his up grades!  They cheered when he came out, and then of course we had to vote on a new one.  They wanted to keep playing so we could see what our new little guy would turn into!

I don't know about you, but I was very thankful for the big sale this week!  I was able to grab some amazing goodies for next year, and some amazing clip art too!  I can't wait to begin making some fun things this summer to use next year!!  Be on the look out for some upcoming fun products!!

Every day we have a fun activity in class to celebrate the month of May!  This year my kids are really enjoying our fun days!  This week we have had an extra recess, stuffed animal day, snacks at our desk all day, and then yesterday was an art afternoon.  They were coming up with some very creative things to make in the half hour they were given.  Today is their favorite day!  We are going to watch Home Alone 3 (their choice) and have ice cream sundaes!  They cheered yesterday when I told them what our fun activity was for today!!

I am excited that I have finally gotten my blogging binder all set up and organized!!  I know I bought it from Ashley a little while ago, but it wasn't the most important thing that I was worrying about with everything going on at home and school.  I'm excited that it is now up and running so I can plan my summer, and start planning some awesome give aways and products for this summer!!  Thank you Ashely for such a great binder!!  If you don't have yours yet, make sure you check hers out here!!
I love Pinterest, and am constantly looking through for some great ideas!!

I am linking up with Just a Primary Girl this week for her new linky party!!

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my sister, and she asked me to be her matron of honor!  I was so excited and honored!!  Immediately my brain went into planning mode, and yes, her wedding is still a year and 22 days away she told me last night!!  :)

My sister lives in the Bay Area, and I live in Arizona, so I know planning a shower, bachelorette party, helping with wedding planning and all of the other details will be harder to do while we are far apart.  I know I want to be able to help her as much as possible though, so last night I went into full pinning mode!!

I found some fun things for decorations (she is getting married in the middle of a redwood forest), for flowers (she is thinking burnt orange), and for our bachelorette weekend!!

I couldn't find a blog to go with this image, just the image.  If anyone finds out who it is from I would love to give credit!

I can't wait to go dress shopping with my sister in June!!  It is going to be a blast!!

Can't wait to see what other people link up so I can add to my fun list of things to do this summer!!  Time go hopping around Pinterest to find what I can link up next week for my summer check list!!

It's time to go shopping!!  I am so excited for the big TPT sale going on!!

I have filled my wish list, gone through my wish list, and am now trying to narrow it down to what I really want.  I have gone back and forth on a few things!

I can't wait to pick up some new clip art to make some fun things this summer!

I'm also checking out some awesome products to help get ready for next year already!  A teacher's job is never done!

I hope that you've all been checking out your wish lists!  Don't forget that my store is on sale too!!

Happy shopping!!
This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, not at my school (we had ours a couple months ago) but everywhere else!!

The biggest sale I'm looking forward to this week starts on Tuesday!!  It is the TPT sale!!!

Make sure you have your baskets ready, check out your wish list!!  Don't forget to leave feedback for all of your prior purchases too!  Those credits can really help you with that extra item you want!

My store, plus so many of my favorite blogging buddies, will be on sale Tuesday and Wednesday!!  I know I look forward to purchasing some new things to help me finish the year, and prep over the summer!  I am looking forward to some new clip art for some fun projects!!

I can't believe it is May 2 already!!!  Where has the time gone!?!

I am linking up with Farley, over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!!

The currently hop is one of my FAVORITES!!!  
Listening - the ac is on already at our house.  I am hoping it will help me feel better, without all of the junk blowing through the air into our home!
Loving - summer is almost here!!  I can't believe we are now in May!  To celebrate we do a fun thing in May every day!!  My kids came up with some great ideas this year!
Thinking - I put my baby girl down for her nap a little after 11, and then I was able to fall asleep by 11:30.  I just got up a little bit ago, so baby girl has to be getting up soon!  That is one great thing about staying home with her, she takes three hour naps during the week!!  Now, if only she did this on the weekend too!!
Wanting - I hate being sick!!  It really is awful!  I have been feeling off all week, Monday night I went to bed at 7:30!!  I was asleep before my husband was done putting my two year old to bed!!  Then Wednesday night I had to stay out late because we had a music concert at school.  Yesterday I came home sick from school, and then I took today.  I woke up with NO voice this morning!!  It's crazy!!
Needing - since I have been not feeling well, I haven't been staying caught up all week.  Plus missing yesterday and today don't help.  I need to get caught up, and quickly, since the year ends soon!!
Surprise!!  I wanted to share with all of you a friend of mine here in town!!  I am blessed to have met Jennifer from The Blessed Teacher!  I hope that you will enjoy checking out her blog and being her newest follower as well!
The Blessed Teacher
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