Tuesday Timesaver: Clips for Hanging Work

I am linking up with Kristin over at My Carolina Classroom for her fun new linky Tuesday Timesaver!!

My timesaving trick I am sharing with you this week is an idea I saw on Pinterest a couple of years ago.  We all love to share our students' work, and put it on display.  How many of us enjoy the stapling, and staple removing?  Or how many of our administrations love when we put that many staples in the wall?!

Well, now I don't ever have to staple, it's quick, easy, and my kids can do it themselves!!

I use dollar tree place mats as my frames!  Then I spray pained some clothespins pink and orange.  I hot glued the clothes pin to the center of the mat, and now I have a quick and easy way to hang work all year long!!  This has actually been up for two years now, and I have only had to replace a few clothespins!!

Make sure to link up with Kristin so you can share your time saving trick!!

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