Pinspired Thursday - linky party!

I love Pinterest, and am constantly looking through for some great ideas!!

I am linking up with Just a Primary Girl this week for her new linky party!!

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my sister, and she asked me to be her matron of honor!  I was so excited and honored!!  Immediately my brain went into planning mode, and yes, her wedding is still a year and 22 days away she told me last night!!  :)

My sister lives in the Bay Area, and I live in Arizona, so I know planning a shower, bachelorette party, helping with wedding planning and all of the other details will be harder to do while we are far apart.  I know I want to be able to help her as much as possible though, so last night I went into full pinning mode!!

I found some fun things for decorations (she is getting married in the middle of a redwood forest), for flowers (she is thinking burnt orange), and for our bachelorette weekend!!

I couldn't find a blog to go with this image, just the image.  If anyone finds out who it is from I would love to give credit!

I can't wait to go dress shopping with my sister in June!!  It is going to be a blast!!

Can't wait to see what other people link up so I can add to my fun list of things to do this summer!!  Time go hopping around Pinterest to find what I can link up next week for my summer check list!!

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  1. Thank you for linking up! I hope that each week we have a few more posters to really make this an awesome linky! I love the shirts and I love the color of the flowers too! I love weddings! I am sure you are going to have so much fun!! :)


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