Five for Friday - after the big sale!!

I can't believe it is already May 9!!  Where is this month going!?!  Since it is Friday morning I don't count today as a day that is over yet, so I have 12 1/2 school days left!!!  Eeekk!!

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It has been quite a week this week!!

Wednesday when I got home from work I had a nice package waiting for me on the table!  My sister got engaged, and she had this nice little box for me!!  I am so excited to be my little sister's Matron of Honor!!  She is getting married next May so we have lots of time to plan fun activities!!

This week my kids were so excited because we have finally leveled up our first champ on Go Noodle!  They had picked Rad Chad for our first guy, and yesterday we have successfully completed his up grades!  They cheered when he came out, and then of course we had to vote on a new one.  They wanted to keep playing so we could see what our new little guy would turn into!

I don't know about you, but I was very thankful for the big sale this week!  I was able to grab some amazing goodies for next year, and some amazing clip art too!  I can't wait to begin making some fun things this summer to use next year!!  Be on the look out for some upcoming fun products!!

Every day we have a fun activity in class to celebrate the month of May!  This year my kids are really enjoying our fun days!  This week we have had an extra recess, stuffed animal day, snacks at our desk all day, and then yesterday was an art afternoon.  They were coming up with some very creative things to make in the half hour they were given.  Today is their favorite day!  We are going to watch Home Alone 3 (their choice) and have ice cream sundaes!  They cheered yesterday when I told them what our fun activity was for today!!

I am excited that I have finally gotten my blogging binder all set up and organized!!  I know I bought it from Ashley a little while ago, but it wasn't the most important thing that I was worrying about with everything going on at home and school.  I'm excited that it is now up and running so I can plan my summer, and start planning some awesome give aways and products for this summer!!  Thank you Ashely for such a great binder!!  If you don't have yours yet, make sure you check hers out here!!

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  1. What a great way to celebrate May with activities every day! I know this is what your kids will remember!

    Happy Friday!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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