Lemonade Stand {part 1}

Today my kids and I started a new social studies project!  We have been working hard on our economics unit, and knowing that this is our last full week of school I didn't want to give them ANOTHER test this week.

Instead, I told them we would be doing a huge end of the unit project so they could show me what they know.

I created a big lemonade stand project, and today was the assembly today.  I usually have an aide, so my goal was for her to be there with us to help us assemble our lap books.  My aide had to stay home because her daughter was sick, so instead my 25 third graders all successfully put together their own lap books!!

It took us a LONG time to put our books together today, and we even filled out our purchase orders for day one.  I made sure to check their math, and ask them about what they were purchasing.

It took a LONG time for me to assure them that they did not have to go home and actually have a lemonade stand, but once we got past that part, they started to understand what we were doing.  I think they were more upset that I wasn't really going to give each of them $100 to go and spend!!

I look forward to working on this project this week, working out all of the kinks, and then hopefully getting this up on TPT this weekend!

Little do they know that they are practicing their math and reasoning skills at the same time!!  I LOVE it, and it kept them entertained and busy for a good chunk of our day today!!

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