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I am back again this month, linking up with Ashley and Angie to bring you another month of the wonderful #2getherwearebetter linky party!!!  I am SOOOO excited for this month, since it is ALL ABOUT MATH!!!

#2getherwearebetter Math ideas from Mrs 3rd Grade

Math is my FAVORITE subject to teach!!  I was so excited when we split third grade this year, and I got a teaching partner FOR THE FIRST TIME! EVER!!  To make it even better, she agreed to teach the reading side of things so I could teach MATH!!

Math resources to use in your third grade classroom

Do you have a math cupboard like this!?  I am slowly going through this stuff and GETTING rid of it!  I have too much, and too many things that just sit there and aren't getting used!  I know I need to give these to classrooms who will use them!

Small group area used for math lessons

This is where the magic happens!  Just kidding, but this is the area I use for my small group work area.  I LOVE it because it has plenty of room for about four students to sit with me.  Plus I am able to use the white board right next to the table if I need to.  I can also keep many resources close by so that way I don't have to go looking for things.

Using student desks to practice math skills and keep students engaged

Now on to the good stuff!  Keeping your students engaged!!  One of my favorite ways to do this is by having them write on their desks or the tables!  This keeps them excited about what they are doing, and keeps them motivated to work hard.  We talk about how it is a tool, and using the expo markers aren't for doodling, drawing or playing.  They know that it is a privilege to write on their desks, and that they won't be able to write on their desks if they can't use the tools correctly.  I make sure to use a color that they aren't using, and I use them as my marker to go around and make corrections, offer suggestions, or mark correct answers.  By doing this it helps me to know what problems they are working on, and where they are.

Get students up and moving to keep them engaged in lessons

Another way I keep my students engaged is by getting them UP and MOVING!!  I don't have them stay in one place for too long so that way their bodies are moving.  My students are ACTIVE, and they need the movement.  By doing this I don't have to take as many brain breaks during math either, since they are moving around the classroom and getting their wiggles out working on partner work, games or small group activities.

Partner games to keep students practicing, and working hard

Another way to keep my students engaged is to have them play partner games!  This way they can keep each other accountable, practice their skills, and have fun at the same time.  This is a center they go to every week, most of the time twice a week.  I mix up who they are going to the center with as well so that they are working with other students in different ability ranges and they can go from being the teacher, to the student, to the competition.  I also join in playing games with my kids to keep them on their toes.  On the days I say I am going to join the games they actually don't pick a partner, or hope that they are paired with me! I love this because it not only helps me continue to assess the students, but also helps build that relationship!

Whole class activities to keep students engaged and working together

I LOVE to get my students working together!  On the 100th day of school last year we came up with 100 ways to write 100!!!  It was so fun, the kids loved racing up to the board to add their post it notes to the board.  I love finding ways to do things like this so that way they work together, and are pushed to think outside the box.

I blogged in August about other ways I keep my students engaged, hands on and worksheet free!  You can check it out here!!

Don't forget to check out my amazing linky hosts Angie and Ashley!!

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  1. Love all of your strategies for engagement! We love writing on desks and moving around the room too! Have to keep changing things up to keep them engaged! Great ideas friend!
    The Blessed Teacher


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