Fall Break

I am so excited to be on Fall Break this week!!  This is giving me a chance to catch up on some things.  One of the most important things to me is hanging out with my kiddos!  I am so happy that I get to spend all day with them.  (I love nap time too, so I can try and get some school work done while they are sleeping!)

My mom, little princess and I will be traveling to Northern California later this week to spend some time with family!  My husband and I moved to Arizona in 2008, and our trips back "home" have become more and more infrequent.  Especially since my parents sold their house in the spring of 2012, so that way they could move closer to us to be near their grandchildren.

It has been over a year since I was able to see my best friend from home, and she is expecting!  I can't wait to see her precious little baby bump!!

I have also been enjoying break, because I have been able to clean my house a little.  It is no where near clean, but I was able to go through Sissy's clothes, and clear out her 3 month stuff, and get it ready to ship to her god parents.  (Their daughter is just 3 months younger than ours!)  I was also able to clean out some of Bubba's stuff to get ready to give to our friends here, who have a son a year younger than ours, but wears the same size!!

Another new favorite of mine is creating stuff for TPT!!  I loved that there was a huge sale this weekend!  I was able to pick up some awesome clip art, that I am so excited to use and create new things for my classroom and for YOU!!

Check out this adorable Fall Clip art, thanks to For His Glory Teaching!!  I love it, and am so excited to be giving away a set of scoot cards on Friday!!

Come back on Friday, and go check out my TPT store to grab this Scoot game for FREE!!

I am working on a 2-digit set with regrouping, and a 3-digit set with regrouping.  Currently the 3-digit set is already done, I just have to finish uploading it all to TPT.
I hope that the rest of you on Fall Break are able to do some relaxing, and enjoy your time off as well. For those of you teaching this week, I hope that you all have amazing weeks!!

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