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I am linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

I always LOVE this post, and checking out what others are doing!

I am listening to HIMYM - my husband and I are almost done with the series on Netflix.  I need to make sure that we get our hands on season 9 before season 10 ends!  I am determined to catch up so that way we don't find out what ending before we see it!

I am loving my new hair cut!  My husband gave me money to go and get my hair cut for Christmas and I went today to get it done.  I haven't had my hair cut since July!  I love having someone else do my hair, it is almost one of my favorite things!

I am thinking that I have too much to do before we go back to work on Monday.  I love my breaks too much, and I have done nothing to prepare for class on Monday.  I know I need to get my act together though because I have a student who is going to be out of town next week, so I have to email her homework before this week is over.

I am wanting another week off.  I love spending time with my kiddos, laying around in our PJs and doing puzzles!  It is times like this that I wish I could stay home with them, but I do love my job!

I am needing to get work done.  I want to make sure that I have January planned by the time this week is over.  I like to plan units at a time, and we are starting our new science unit.  Plus I have chapel this month, so I need to starting figuring that out.

My favorite memory and tradition we have in our family is opening presents.  We always wake up first thing Christmas morning and go and see what Santa has brought us.  Before we can go to the tree and check our stockings we have to make sure that everyone is up.  After we open our stockings, then we we open our presents.  We go oldest to youngest, so it takes a long time, but we get to enjoy and see what everyone gets!

I am excited that this post is the first one of the year, and also that it is my first accomplishment of my new year's goal!


  1. Please post a blog about your chapel-- we can always use new ideas for our chapels! Glad you did a currently.

  2. Another week of would be amazing!!! I am wishing for another week too! Have a wonderful 2014. :) Lattes and Laughter

  3. I love himym. I almost quit around season 7, but am so glad I stuck with it. So funny!
    Chickadee Jubilee


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