Working Hard . . . or am I?

Lately I have been overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I am trying to take on right now.  I have a class of 25 students this year, but this class was split last year so they were in classes of 15 last year.  It has been quite an adjustment for not only the students, but I think more for the parents.

The parents were used to things being done a certain way, and I am not the same as the second grade teacher.  I am not the same as either of the second grade teachers.  Apparently I was not doing enough for some parents, and I was doing too much for others.  I really do not think there is a way to please parents, or at least all of them.

I thought I was doing a good job on challenging the students.  We are working in math rotations, so they are able to complete different activities, most of which are at different levels, and I believe to be challenging for them.

For reading we are doing the Daily 5, so everything is based on where the student is at.  I can push students who need the push, and try to pull up the students who need that.

Last week I had a meeting with administration who told me that parents were saying my class was a wash, and that there child wasn't learning anything.  Then I had another meeting with administration the next day to try and figure out what I could do for these students to try to challenge them.

My administration came up with a whole list of things that I could do, but most of them are going to require technology that I don't have access to.  It is going to be quite a handful to figure out what these parents want.

To try and start I emailed 14 parents Friday to give them the weekend to think about if they want their child to begin an advanced spelling program.  I have developed a new spelling list for them, and a spelling test.  Of the 14 students I emailed, 10 responded and wanted the new list.  Only one said they didn't want the new list, and the other three never responded.

I am hoping this will hold them over for a few days, but as I try to plan my new social studies unit I am really going to be looking for ways that I can break this apart, and try to offer more to the students who need it.  (Or for those that their parents believe I am not doing enough)

On that note, I believe it is time for bed!!


  1. Poor you! As if our job isn't stressful enough without all of this to deal with! You're right... You can't please everyone all of the time! Good luck with your huge class!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Working hard. Definitely. It's silly that making parents happy is something teachers even have to worry about. I know I've had situations where doing what would make the parent happy wasn't what I thought best for the child. So tough :( Hope brighter days are ahead for you!

    :) Ash
    The Rolly Chair


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