September ~ Currently

I can't believe how quickly August flew by!!  It is crazy to think that we are already done with 14 days of school!!  I know Fall Break will be here before we know it, and I have so much to get done before then!!

I am linking up this Monday morning (thank you three day weekends!) with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently!!!

I love currentlys, and reading everyone's currently!!  This is probably my favorite blog post of the month, and my favorite hop of the month!!

Listening - I am taking in this silence!!  The hubby and I went to a concert last night, so my kiddos spent the night at grandma's house.  Therefore, my house is silent!!  It is a sound we don't find very often in this house, especially at this time in the morning!  I can only imagine how early my kiddos got up over at grandma's house.  It will be short lived too, as we will be heading over there soon for breakfast.

Loving - I am loving that we had a three day weekend this weekend!  It was perfect for days of lounging around, getting caught up on grocery shopping, and spending time with family!

Thinking - I am thinking that it is already time for a nap!  ;)  I won't really go take one, but I could take a nap any time!!  I love naps!!  I am always willing to go put my son down for his nap, because he loves it when we lay with him, and sometimes I might even fall asleep waiting for him to fall asleep!

Wanting - a Dutch Bros strawberry smoothie sounds amazing right now!!

Needing - due to my relaxing nature this weekend, I have done NOTHING this weekend to get ready for school tomorrow.  I know I will regret this tonight, but right now I am enjoying it.  I do need to get ready for the week though.

3 Trips - I couldn't really think of places that I want to go.  I would love to go to Austin, Texas.  Dear friends of ours moved away, but they are from Austin.  If I told them we were going they would be there with us, giving us the royal treatment.  Plus, my old principal moved there and I would love to see where he's at!  Plus, Jen Hatmaker lives in Austin, and her husband is a pastor at a church there!!  Sign me up!!

My other two places I'm sure many people would love to go to, especially those of us who are land locked and are no where near the beach!!  I LOVE the beach!!  I was so lucky to live 20 minutes from the beach in college, but I didn't take advantage of it enough!!  Silly me, why did I spend so much time on campus!!

Thanks for reading along, and make sure you go link up yourself!!!


  1. Good luck getting what you need done today! I know how those relaxing weekends go, too... :) A beach vacation sounds fantastic!


  2. I haven't done a thing to prepare for this week! I really need to work on lesson plans, too, haha! I can't believe you've already been in school for 14 days! We've only been in session for 5. Ha! Hope you have a great week!

    Permanently Primary

  3. I've been in school now since August 4, so yes, I was ready for a break! Need the beach and a place to stay??!! You are welcome to stay with me in South Florida! :) The door is always open for any teacher friends!

    Creativity to the Core

  4. I have never heard of Dutch Bros. but I have been wanting a smoothie lately too! 3 day weekends are totally the best! Have a good one!
    Chalkboard Charm

  5. Your blog looks adorable! When did you do the makeover and who did it? I am thinking it might be time for an overhaul on mine! I love it!
    The Blessed Teacher

  6. You have such a neat blog. The font is a nice bonus!

    My 4 kiddos spent the night at grandparents last night too. I woke up at 11:00 today! I couldn't believe it. It's amazing how easy it is to sleep in silence.

    I'm stayed at home these 3 days and have not prepared for tomorrow yet. I'll be going into work later but for now I'm enjoying reading everyone's Currently. I love the first of the month.

    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

  7. Your Currently looks almost like mine! I am also listening to silence! And we went to concert last night! Who did you see? We went to a Braves game and saw The News Boys.

    Your blog is so cute~



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