#ootd What to wear!?!

I love checking IG each morning when I wake up!  It is my favorite thing to do in the morning.  The friends I have on IG are amazing!!  Plus these ladies are so inspiring!  My favorite part of checking IG in the morning is seeing what everyone is wearing!!

I love posting my #ootd too!!  I am also such a planner that I plan out my outfits ahead of time.  I don't have time to pick something out in the morning because more often than not my son is awake before I even get in the shower at 5:20!  Yes, my son wakes up EARLY!!

I have had lots of people ask me HOW I could plan so far out, as I posted on IG last week that I had the next FOUR weeks planned!  Yes, that is almost the entire month of September.

I thought I would give you a glimpse into my closet, and into my thought process.

This is the area where I hang my professional clothes.  These are the skirts, pants, crops, shorts and shirts that I usually wear to work.  These are the "nicer" tops that I will wear to church when needed.

This is the rest of my hanging clothes.  Yup, that's it.  As you can kind of tell, it isn't that much.  This is where I have my sweaters, cardigans, dresses and other clothes that need to be hung.  I do have a dresser in my bedroom that has three drawers.  In these drawers I have a tank tops, t shirts, jeans, pants, and then a drawer full of basketball shorts and t-shirts.

Other than my boots, these are my shoes!  That's it!  As you can tell I might have a slight obsession with Toms, and sandals.  I don't really wear much else.  I do have three pears of Bear Paws (think fake Uggs), and a pair of knee high black boots (but I hardly ever wear those).

I am very fortunate and my husband does all of our laundry.  I am still working on him to do the kid's laundry too, but at least he does mine.  This also means that laundry gets done at least twice a week.  My husband is also a teacher, and wears the same outfits all the time.  He can wear shorts, and a polo to work every day, so he does.

I have enough clothes that I am able to plan out my outfits for a few weeks at a time.

Over Labor Day weekend I took time and planned out FOUR weeks worth of outfits!  I bought three maxi skirts, and a new tank top over that weekend, so I wanted to get them into my rotation.  Yes, I can plan four weeks out, but don't get too excited, because when I plan again, it will be these same sixteen outfits rotated through again.

In Phoenix it is still HOT!!  We are still running around in shorts and tank tops when we aren't at school.  I am hoping that by the end of the month the weather will have cooled off a little, which is why I am finally putting my maxi skirts into the rotation.

I like doing this too, because then I can try and make sure that I am not wearing all pink one week, or all blue.  I don't really have a LOT of different colors in my closet, but instead a lot of different SHADES of pink or blue.  :)

I hope this gives you some insight into how I plan out so far!!  I can't wait to see your #ootd tomorrow!

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