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It's April 1!!  No April Fool's Jokes here.  I don't mind playing jokes on people, but I don't get into it like other people.  My kids didn't do any jokes all day!  It was crazy!!

Since it is the first though, that means it is time to link up with Farley for currently!!

Here is Arizona it is already in the 90s, so we have already had to turn on our AC!  I HATE IT!  We turned it on Saturday, and I'm afraid we won't be turning it off until October!  I'm hoping that it will cool down enough that we will be able to open our windows back up!

I am loving that our normal staff meeting was cancelled today, and I was able to chat with some friends and we had a planning meeting!  We have come up with some AMAZING ideas for next year!  CAN'T. WAIT.

My brain is totally thinking about next year.  There are so many things we want to try and make better!  Here's praying we can!

We don't have school on Friday, so I am hoping that I will get to sleep in!  We'll see what my kids do!

I am really needing a massage!  My back has been killing me!  Luckily, my kids WON the day off!  We won the reading contest!  My kids did AMAZING!!  I get to take next Friday off, so I am thinking I will schedule a massage for that day!!

I was named after my grandma.  Her name is Sandra, so my parents came up with Cassandra.  My mom is named after her aunt, so it makes sense that it stays in the family.  We didn't name our daughter after anyone in the family though, oops!

Make sure to head over to Farley's blog to see what everyone else is up to!!


  1. Enjoy your day off on Friday and yes I could certainly use a massage too. I was named after my grandma too! hugs, Vicky
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. Cassandra and Sandra are adorable & how wonderful to share a name. I'm already thinking about next year, too! Enjoy sleeping in (totally jealous, I seem to have lost the ability!)! Jen

  3. I 100% think you should get a massage! I feel like grading and working with small groups makes my back hurt from leaning over my guided reading table! Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  4. I will be staying in 3rd for next year and making plans this early in the year make me VERY excited too! I hope all of you plans become a reality.
    My Second Sense


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