Hello Sunshine Linky ~ Spring

Spring doesn't last very long here in Arizona, but we wanted to bring you all things Spring today!!  We are going to have a linky every month, where you can get some awesome ideas from us, but also share your ideas too!!

I love the Lorax!  It was my son's favorite movie for a LONG time so I know it well!  We still watch it every now and then!  My students enjoy reading the story too, and we talk about how we can save the earth!

Planting a Rainbow is an amazing book that talks about all the different plants, and colors of the plants.  My students love it, and we are able to talk about how amazing God's creation is!

We loved writing about being Lucky Bunnies!  We changed ours to Blessed Bunnies, and they turned out super cute!!  You can grab them here!!  Make sure you leave some amazing feedback too!

For Earth Day we worked on Superhero Writing!  My kids came up with some creative ways to keep the Earth safe.  You can find the bundle here!

If you have some more great Spring ideas you'd love to share with us, make sure you head over to Hello Sunshine so you can link up and share with us too!!


  1. Cassandra,
    Your blessed bunnies are so cute! Your kids did an amazing job with them. I'm also a Lorax fan, such a great story an lesson for kids.

    Crockett's Classroom . . . Forever in Third Grade

  2. Love, love, love the Lorax! And those bunnies are adorable!


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