Five for Friday ~ May 22

The end of the year got away from me so much, that I am just now writing my Five for Friday!!  I had it prepped to post, but hadn't had time to write!  If you have seen this post before, I APOLOGIZE!!  It was a crazy week full of saying goodbyes!

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Part of the reason this past week was so hectic was because I was MOVING my classroom!!  When I saw I was moving my classroom I really mean the 3rd and 7th grade students moved my classroom.  The top picture is my current classroom, with all of the 7th grade stuff in it.  They don't have very much, and we both agreed my room is larger than theirs.

Moving classrooms isn't half as bad when you have helpers!

This bottom half of the picture is my new classroom!  I didn't want you to see how big of a mess it really is, because it hurts me just looking at it!  I am hoping I'll be able to get in there soon to start cleaning and organizing.  We have to wait for a few more classrooms to move because I get to split this stuff between TWO rooms!!  I will have a teaching partner next year and hopefully we are going to be splitting the subjects!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!

To end the school year this year I passed out end of the year cups to my students.  This is the first year I've ever done this!  The papers behind the treats are from my Sailing into Fourth Grade pack!  I wanted to create something fun for them to work on this summer, but give them a challenge at the same time!

Sailing Into Fourth grade makes an awesome present for the EOY gift for third graders.

Last week I saw the pictures going around IG and Facebook that the post it treasure box was back!  I showed my husband so he said we had to get one!  Ours came in on FRIDAY!!  We ordered it Wednesday night!!  I was amazed at how quickly it was delivered!  Plus it was FREE SHIPPING!!

Treasure box of post its is quite a deal from Office Depot!  $50 plus FREE shipping!  Every box is unique!

Before ours even came in my husband was already asking if we could order another one!  If I can find another $10 coupon we will be ordering more!!

This year's graduation was another bittersweet one for me.  This class was the second class I taught at my school.  Most of the class was the same from when I taught them too!!  I know this class will do great things in high school!!

Love Crowder, and love this song!  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. EEEEEK LOVE LOVE LOVE the variety in your post it box!!! $10 coupon you say?!?! DO SHARE if you find one?!?!? I want to order another one too haha!!!! :) :) See you soooooo, friend!!

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd


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