Sunday Scoop ~ May 17

I am sitting in Starbucks right now, typing this, waiting for a friend to get here so I can tutor her in math before finals this week.  I CAN NOT believe that this school year is over in 5 days!!  Where has this year gone!?!

I am excited to share with you my Sunday Scoop because it is the last one that will have to do with teaching for a while!  ha ha, who are we kidding, we're teachers!  All summer it will be about teaching, but at least it won't talk about the piles of grading I have to finish!!

I have to move my classroom this summer, actually I have to move it in a week!!  My classroom is no where near ready to move!  I have stuff EVERY WHERE!!  Plus, they want to move classrooms and I'll be out of town heading up to my sister's wedding!  I am hoping we'll be able to use some "kid" power this week to help us move some things.  Other than that luckily the class that is going into mine is a male teacher so he doesn't have too many things and I will be able to move when I get back!

My son's last day of school is Tuesday, so I have to finish up his teachers' cards.  Instead of making them some of the super cute Pinterest things I've seen we decided just to get them Target gift cards.  This way in case they get all of that other "stuff" they'll have something they will absolutely be able to use and LOVE!

I have to finish my student's end of the year presents too!!  I need to print out their summer pack full of goodies to help them avoid that summer slide!!

Since I am DONE GRADING for the year I'm excited to be able to work on some fun TPT stuff this week, and work on my DVR playlist at the same time!  It has become quite backed up!  Plus Ashly, The Creative Classroom, introduced me to Reign last night!!  AHH!  I can't wait to binge watch it!!  Last night I might have watched 5 episodes while grading the REST OF MY PAPERS!!  :)

I'm excited my last day of school is Friday.  I LOVE teaching, I LOVE my students, but I am excited to move my room, recreate my learning environment, and to jump into my new ideas for next year!!!

Check out what everyone else is up to!!

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  1. Jealous!!! You only have 5 days left...I have 14 but who's counting! LOL Enjoy your time off my friend!
    Teaching and Much Moore


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