Vegas Adventures

I am home now from Vegas, and I cannot even begin to explain how AMAZING my trip was!!  I was excited to meet some of the Elementary Entourage bloggers, and am excited to be linking up with them!!

My hubby and I left last Sunday to head out to Vegas!  It was great because we were able to spend Sunday and Monday together before the craziness began!!

Vera Bradley purse perfect for TPT conference

On Monday we hit up the outlets, and I was able to pick up this cute purse and wallet!  I LOVE them, and they came in super handy!!


Monday night my best friend came to stay with us!  She lives in Vegas now, so we hung out for the night and day!  I LOVE her because we can just sit around and not do much!!  We met her hubby off the strip for dinner Tuesday night, and it was delicious!!

Chelsea and I before #tptvegas15

Wednesday the fun of #tptvegas15 began!  I couldn't wait for my #bloggybestie Ashlyn to fly in!  I headed over to the Venetian early so that way I could meet up with Tami and Tammy for coffee!!  (We didn't get a picture, what were we thinking!?!)

Clair Lynn shirts from Vegas

While I was waiting for Ashlyn to get there I might have hit up the Clair Lynn table!!  Their shirts are AMAZING!!  I was so glad I picked up these three!  I can't wait to wear them around and show them off!!

Ashlyn and I getting ready for the pool party!

Ashlyn and Lindsey threw an AMAZING pool party!!  They had fantastic decorations, super fun people came, and the best giveaways!!  I was lucky enough to win something from Krista!!  I can't wait!!  I might have a slight addiction to all things Krista!!  :)

AZ blogger buddies at the #makeasplash pool party in Vegas!

It was so fun to hang out with some of my favorite Arizona bloggers at the pool party too!  These ladies are inspiring, and help push me to do my best!!

#tptvegas15 blogger meet up and friends

Wednesday night was the BIG TPT meet up!!  It was CRAZY!!  There were people every where!!  The room was much bigger this year than last year, but there were still SOOOO many people!  They had a Go Noodle photo booth that was a ton of fun!!

This collage shows so many amazing women that I met, or connected with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!  These ladies are ALL amazing!!

Nachos so big, we couldn't eat them all!

For dinner Wednesday night after the huge meet up a few of us headed down the street!!  Ashlyn and I shared this huge plate of nachos!  I wish we had an after picture, but it wouldn't have looked too much different than this one!!  We dug a hole into the nachos, but it didn't really look like we ate too much!

#tptvegas15 where dreams come true

Thursday morning the conference started with some networking sessions!  I will be honest, I definitely sat on the second floor talking to my kids and then checking every email I could before I headed downstairs.  I was so nervous to go!!  I am so glad I went though, because I was able to meet some amazing people like Jenny, Farley and so many more!!

Getting ready for Erin Cobb's amazing session

After lunch sessions started!  My favorite session on Thursday was with these amazing ladies when we heard from the talented Erin Cobb at I'm Lovin Lit!!  Her session was SPOT ON and I couldn't get enough!
Flair pens help show our personalities

We loved that we were color coordinated with our flair pens too!  Of course we use the pens that best match our binders!  Wouldn't you!?

AZ bloggers at the Go Noodle meet up!

After the sessions we headed to the Go Noodle pool party!!  Arizona is in second place and we wanted to make sure to introduce ourselves to Holly so we could hang out with them soon!  Plus we had to check out the new videos coming to our classrooms soon, and score some awesome shades!!  My son LOVES them already!!  If you don't Go Noodle yet, make sure you check it out!!  Your kids will LOVE it!!

Periscope Newbies taking on Periscope #teacher_scope

After we relaxed a little after the Go Noodle meet up we decided, thanks to the amazing inspiration by Angie and Ashley, that we should do our first Periscope!!  IT. WAS. A. BLAST!!  We shared with you #2truths1lie!!  We LOVED hanging out with you guys, and seeing which one you thought was our lie!!  In case you missed it, here are mine and you can guess in the comments!!  1 - I cheered for ten years, 2 - I have a black belt in karate, or 3 - I have bowled a perfect 300!!

AZ bloggers shown during the #tptvegas15 keynote speech!

Friday morning we had our keynote speakers!!  Paul, Amy, and Rachel Lynette all did amazing jobs!!  We had our Arizona meet up a few weeks ago, and it was awesome to see our picture on the screen!!  Yes, that is us!!

These two AMAZING ladies took me in as their third roomie!!

The sessions on Friday were amazing again!!  It is great to be able to learn SOOO much, and come home and apply it!!  I can't wait to share with you some of the big things that I am going to start working on during the next school year!!

I am even more excited about all of the relationships that I was able to continue to develop, people I was able to meet in person, and the friendships that are going to continue to grow even when we are hundreds or thousands of miles apart!!  Thanks to things like Periscope, IG, Facebook, google hangouts and our blogs I am so thankful that we will be apart in distance, but we will have the opportunity to share and connect!!

Night out on the town during #tptvegas15Photo Booth fun with some of my favorites during #tptvegas15 happy hour

There were so many people I wanted to meet, and we just ran out of time!  I am already looking forward to setting up meetings next year, and making sure that I have time to spend with my friends that I won't get to see in the next year!  I miss my friends already, and can't believe I have to wait until next July for the fun to continue!!


  1. What a FUN post!!!! MISS YOU ALREADY!! <3


  2. It looks like you had an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    The Blessed Teacher

  3. It looks like you had a great time! I love all of your pictures.
    Literacy Loves Company

  4. This looks like so much fun! I have to go next year! I need the motivation as I haven't been doing much with my store or blog lately!

  5. What a wonderful blog post and very fun photos!
    I've said it before, and I will say it again -
    you are just the nicest, friendliest person!
    Loved spending lots of time with you and the rest of our AZ bloggy tribe at the conference, and can't wait for our next get-together!
    xo Pam
    Hedgehog Reader

  6. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who was nervous before networking! But I'm so glad I went...I loved the smaller groups. :-) Thanks for sharing all of your awesome pictures!

    The Craft of Teaching

  7. It looks like you had a great week! It was wonderful to meet you! Loved that you were wearing your necklace, too!

  8. So fun!!! I forgot about our flair pen picture! Haha! <3 you!!!

  9. OMG! Which restaurant had those nachos? They look delicious!!!


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