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I can't believe June is already over, and that we are in July!!  Our first month of summer is now officially over!!  Crazy to think how fast time flies!  I love that my anniversary is at the end of June though so we can always celebrate half way through the summer!!

This morning I am linking up with Farley for Currently!!  One of my favorite monthly linky parties!! If you don't link up yet, you should!!

When my babies get up in the morning before they are fully awake we have been watching some toons! This morning my baby girl asked for Incredibles!!  She wants to be just like her big brother!!

I am LOVING summer!  Enough said!!

I have been doing Whole 30, watching what I've been eating, and trying to get my 10,000 steps on my Fit Bit!  Instead of working on this while my babies were sleeping I decided to jump on our elliptical that we pulled back out of the garage instead!  Now, I'm starving!  Thinking about how yummy my eggs will be!! (I don't even really like eggs!!)

I am wanting longer days!  My babies are so fun to play with at this age, and we have a blast swimming TWICE a day!!  I wish our days were a little longer, and maybe even a little cooler, so we could spend more time outside!  If we aren't in the pool we aren't outside!

I NEED to start packing!!  We leave for Vegas on SUNDAY, but before we head to Vegas we are taking our kids to my parent's house and celebrating the 4th with them on Saturday!  I need to start packing since I have to pack for three of us!  Luckily I already have some thought about what I'm packing, just have to get it all to fit in a suitcase so it fits in the car!

I know I would never win the award for the world's best mom, but I know that I do a great job at taking care of my family!  I am able to comfort my babies in their time of need, laugh with them, share their excitement, and provide for them.  Do I wish I could be home with them more, sure, but what mom doesn't want to spend more time with their babies?  I know I am doing the best I can, and that is all that the expect from me!

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  1. Packing the littles is a big job. Mine have way more stuff than I ever pack for myself! I have to make lists days before to make sure I don't forget anything. I hope you have a great time in VEGAS!!

  2. I commented on my currently about how crazy fast time flies as well! It's got to slow down. I think it's great you put taking care of your family as your "All Star". The time when they are little is SO important....then you blink and they are 20 years old with their own car, a real job, a steady boyfriend they are talking about moving in with (can you tell that's where I am?? lol). It's crazy to think how dependent she was upon me not so long ago and now she's her own woman. The time is so precious.

  3. Whole 30 again! You are a rock star! You looked amazing in your anniversary picture! Have so much fun in Vegas, I will miss you all but it's on in 2016!
    The Blessed Teacher

  4. I know that you're fabulous mommy because you do anything you can for your sweet babies :) Have fun in Vegas!

    Miss Johnston's Journey
    L. Paull Designs for All

  5. So glad to hear you are having a great summer with your kids! You sound like a great mom!!! Best wishes packing and on your visit... See you soon in Vegas!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

  6. Sounds like a fun summer! I can't believe that it's July either. Enjoy Vegas! I so wish I was going.


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