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I was so excited to join in a product swap!  I was paired up with Adam Thompson.  I was excited to be able to check out his Stop and Respond Reading Graphic Organizers.

We started a new book this week, Gossamer, and I knew this would be perfect to use!!

I shared this picture on Monday, because on a separate paper we are keeping our predictions as we read each chapter.  This book is awesome for those, because it is such a strange subject, and something my kids have never thought about.

We started our story on Tuesday, and we have been using these sheets every day.  I copied the different pages on different colored paper so that way the kids would know easily what sheet we were going to be working with.

On Tuesday we started filling out our first sheet about our first character Littlest One.  We walked through how to do this one together so that way we could do the next one on our own.  It was interesting to see what they were able to pull out of the book, and fill in to describe the character, and figure out what this character is because she isn't a human, but it doesn't come out and say what she is.

On Wednesday we were reading and there was a twist at the end of chapter 3 that the kids didn't see coming already.  We used the Good or Bad Effect page so that way the kids could reflect on what had just happened.  Then they were able to say what good thing could happen, or what bad thing could happen.

Thursday we weren't able to add another page to our notes, because we were still developing the characters, and learning more about the setting.  We were able to add more predictions to our notes, and were ready for a full day on Friday!

Friday we jumped right back into our book, and the kids kept asking for more!!  We started learning more about our characters, and the setting.  During one chapter I really wanted them to pay attention to where the story was taking place, and what was so important about it, so we filled out the setting page.

We also learned A TON more about one of our main characters, so we filled out another character page.  I had them fill this out by themselves, and then we went over it so they had the opportunity to add more details.

I can't wait to continue to use these, and to watch my kids dive into the novel more!!  I love these, and love the way the kids are able to think more about what we are reading!

You can check out all of the other awesome products that were swapped over at Learning to Be Awesome!!  Thank you for such a fun opportunity!

Learning to be Awesome

You can check out Adam's blog too!  He reviewed my Snowy Fractions task cards!


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