Sunday Scoop ~ February 1

Wow!  How did January fly by so quickly!?!  Between the illness sweeping my family, and short weeks turned long, it was over before I knew it!!

Tonight I'm linking up, rather late I know, but still linking up with The Teaching Trio!

I am up late trying to get all of my grading done!!  With being sick last weekend, and into the beginning of the week, I am WAY behind!  I am hoping to get most of it caught up tonight, and then making myself a to do list for the week to make sure next weekend I'm not still playing catch up!

My principal sent out an email last week asking us to sign up for when we want our formal observation.  I need to figure out what lesson I want him to come see, and then make sure I get signed up quickly!!

I am really hoping I have time to work on some Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day activities this week!  I know those things will both be here before I know it!

My son has not been enjoying getting up before the sun, so I'm really hoping he'll let me sleep in next Saturday!!

This week I am HAPPY to spend more time with the first grade!  My students have done countless projects with them, and we are happy to spend two more afternoons together this week!!

Make sure to check out The Teaching Trio to see what everyone else is up to this week!  If you are still up, hop on over to TPT to catch some good sales before it's too late!

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  1. What kind of projects do you do with the 1st graders? My third graders would love to do something like this!


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