Sunday Scoop ~ February 22

Sorry for being gone for a few weeks! Things have been crazy around here!

I am linking up this afternoon with The Teaching Trio to bring you my Sunday Scoop!

Our talent show is coming up quickly!  It is next week!  Yikes!  I can't believe how quickly it is here. I have to get the talent in order so that way I can get everything together.

My sister's wedding shower is the first weekend of spring break, so I have a lot to get together for that still.  I have slowly been working on it, but we still haven't ordered any food, and I still have NO games!

Since I will be in California for all of spring break I need to make sure I have the week after spring break planned before I go out of town!

I'm so excited my daughter is home this week too!  My mom has been watching her since the middle of January, and my parent's live an hour and a half away.  My MIL was diagnosed with cancer over Christmas, so she hasn't been able to watch our baby girl as she has been going through treatments to get better.  We are thankful that she started chemo last Tuesday and is doing great!  She will watch our sweet girl tomorrow, and then some friends of ours are helping out later this week!!

I hope that you all are having a BLESSED Sunday!!

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  1. Your blog is super cute! I hope you have a great week with your family as you prep for a lot of fun events!

    Ms. Pretzel's Super 2nd Grade Bugs


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