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Hi friends!  I am so excited for Vegas!  I can't believe that in less than a week I will be there!  I have been looking forward to this week since last summer!!  I had an AMAZING trip last year, and I know this year is going to be just as amazing!!

I am linking up with Teach. Inspire. Change and It's Elementary, My Dear! to bring you my outfits for next week!  Really, just what I have planned for right now!  I know I don't have enough yet, and I still have to pack!!

Both of these ladies have an amazing fashion sense, and I may secretly want to dress like them!

I bought my dress for the Wednesday night meet up a couple of months ago!  I saw it on Red Dress Boutique, and knew that it would be perfect for the meet up!!  I plan on pairing it with my Toms wedges that I grabbed on Zulily!!

Friday night I know I will be hanging out at The Primary Pack meet up!!  I am very excited for this meet up! I grabbed this dress from a second hand store we have never me!  I LOVE it!!

During the conference I wanted to wear something that was comfortable, but still business casual!  I decided of course to go with some dresses.  Do we see a theme here yet?


Of course I have to pack some of my favorite maxis and shirts, because I don't know what I'll be doing on Saturday!  Both of these are ready to go!

 For sures I am trying to get as minimalist as possible so I have room for more clothes!  Plus, I am going to be walking pretty far every day so I need comfy as well!  My Toms are a must for my dress Wednesday night!  I figured the brown and black sandals go with everything!  I need my comfy walking shoes for the days when I am hiking back and forth up the strip and my feet are killing me!

Since we are going to be getting there on Sunday I do have some other outfits that I know I am taking with me.  It is going to be HOT in Vegas, kind of like our AZ weather, so I know that I need to pack to stay cool!

I'm excited for these new Target shorts and tank I bought!  I can't wait to show them off in Vegas!!

I am really excited to show off my new lanyard this week too!!  I just put it together, and LOVE it!!  Now to figure out how to attach all of my name tags to it!!


  1. Love your darling dresses! The countdown is on!! :)

  2. I LOVE the stripes, patterns, and colors! You are going to look so super cute. That lanyard is AMAZING...will be the talk of the conference amongst teachers--HA!! Those TOMS wedge sandals are ADORABLE. Are they comfortable?!?! Can't wait to see you in Vegas!!

    It's Elementary, My Dear!

  3. PS: Do the TOMS fit pretty true to size?

  4. You are going to look so cute in all of those adorable dresses!!!
    xo Pam

  5. I LOVE all of your dresses choices! They are SO cute!! :)

    Thank you so much for linking up with us! As a thank you, I'll be sending you my TPT Vegas Style Guide! Please email me so I can send it your way :)
    teachinspirechange at gmail dot com!

  6. Okay, so I'm packing tonight, and I'm hopeful that you'll be able to get this comment and advise me what to do. It's my first time to Vegas, and I'm seeing a lot of people are packing a day outfit and a night outfit for each day. I have two new T-shirts (one conference shirt and one for my blog), but no one has talked about wearing jeans and a that too understated? What will most people be wearing? Thank you!!!


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