Superhero Day ~ 2016

Superhero Day is one of my favorite days of our school year! I  love that we are able to set the stage, bring fun to the classroom, and keep our students engaged all day long with learning!

Setting the stage for a day of learning is a great way to get students excited about your special themed days!

Our superhero day this year was on a Friday, so my coworker and I stayed late on Thursday to set the stage!!  We didn't want the kids to see it before they walked in Friday morning, so we worked hard on pieces after school all week, and then put it all together Thursday after school!

The sign was one of my favorite parts!  We use KG Wake Me Up to cut out the text!  Then we glued it onto the green plates.  We then tied the plates together so that way it would be easier to hang.  Finally, we taped the plates back to back to help make them sturdier.  We then used these hanging clips (amazon affiliate link) to hang the plates!  I LOVE these clips and use them to hang things in my classroom so that way I don't have to put holes in student work.

Array city is a great way to have students practice their multiplication facts and then put them on display!

Another way we decorated the hall was with our array city!!  I had the students in my class draw the arrays on the black paper with yellow crayon.  I did not tell them what it was for.  I just told them it had to be an array, and then when they turned it into me they had to tell me what their array was and the product.  I then took all of their arrays and taped them together!  I LOVE the way it turned out!!

Superhero capes are a cheap and fun way to engage your students in your superhero day, and help bring some fun to your classroom decor!

The final thing we did to set the stage with some big decor was make these superhero capes on our classroom doors!  We left a note for the cleaning crew that they would leave our doors open too, so that way we wouldn't worry about any of them being ruined before morning!  We used a tablecloth from Walmart cut up and then hot glued them to our door!  We covered the door with a black tablecloth and used packing tape to attach it to the door!  Finally we used the amazing Krista Wallden's clipart to color a superhero to add to the door!

Adding a fun morning message will help build the excitement before the day begins!  Of course having a great coffee mug to match is always a plus!

Friday morning before the the day began I snapped this picture!  I found these awesome coffee mugs at Walmart for my teaching partner and I.  I put together this welcome sign for our boards so that way the students would know that we are serious about our superhero day!!

Thankful cards and brag tags are two things that my students always look forward to

The first thing we had our students work on was their thankful card when they walked in!  This is something that we work on EVERY WEEK!  They know that when they come in on Friday mornings this is the first thing they do!  I LOVE doing this because it gives them time to reflect on something that they are thankful for.  By the end of the year they will have a collection of things that they are thankful for too!  We have also been giving our students brag tags so I put together these fun superhero brag tags for them to remember our Superhero Day!!

Superhero graphing is a great way for student to practice recording data and then being able to read it

Bump games are a great way for students to practice their multiplication facts.  Adding a superhero to them makes it even more engaging!

Measuring is a skill that needs to be worked on again and again, this engages the students, and keeps them on task.

During math time we had so much fun!!    We had a few different activities to do!  We were practicing our multiplication by playing bump, solving word problems, measuring our superheroes and graphing!  You can check out all of these activities here!!

Giving students creativity allows them to become engaged in their writing and keeps them on task

In the afternoon we got together with our first grade buddies and worked on writing about our superheroes!  First we decorated our own superhero and then write adjectives to describe them.  This was a fun activity for them to work together and help our first grade buddies with their describing words.

I love having a photo booth wall up all year long that is easy to adjust for the season and activity we are doing

While they were working on these I pulled kids one by one into the hallway so they could take their picture in front of our Photo Booth wall!  We have been using this wall all year to take pictures, so of course we had to give it some superhero flair!!

Keeping all areas of our hallway decorated and in line with what we are working on is a great way to build school excitement for classroom themes or spirit days

Overall the kids had a great day dressing up like superheroes, fighting villains during superhero math, creating their own superhero and learning about superheroes in the bible!  I LOVE superhero day and can't wait to do it again next year!!

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  1. This looks so fun!!! I've always wanted to do a Superhero day! I'll have to pin this for ideas!!

  2. The idea of using dessert plates as a background for the letters is ABSOLUTELY brilliant!


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