Things I LOVE #2getherwearebetter

Top 5 things that I LOVE!  Including my family, friends, TPT and my favorite new tool to keep me organized and meeting my goals!!

I am so excited to be linking up with Ashley and Angie again this month to be linking up for #2getherwearebetter to share all about things that we LOVE!!  In no specific order I am going to share with you five of my favorite things that I LOVE!!

#2getherwearebetter all about LOVE!!  A great link up of amazing things people LOVE!!

There are many things I LOVE!  It's amazing how many things you say that you LOVE and it's hard to break it down to just five, but I picked my favorite 5 to share with each of you!  I hope that you enjoy finding out more about each of these!

I LOVE my flair pen and washi party I have every time I open my bullet journal to begin my planning for the day, week or month!!

I started bullet journaling this year, and you can read more about my plans for my bullet journal here. I am LOVING it!  One of my favorite things about it just might be my flair pen and washi party I have every time it is time to write in my journal.  I love that I am able to reflect on my day, plan out my future, and see my growth.  I love that all of my ideas are in one place, and that I am able to see how they are changing, evolving and helping me become the teacher, mom and wife I want to be!!

Ashley and Angie are two amazing teachers and friends who continue to inspire me on a daily basis!

I know you know who these two women are!!  They are AMAZING!!  These two talented ladies are some of the first teachers I was able to meet thanks to the fantastic TPT world!!  Ashley is one of the most organized teachers I know, and has amazing energy!!  She always fuels my dreams, and helps me know that I can do all that I set out to achieve!!  Angie has a heart of gold, cares deeply for her family, and is so thoughtful! I LOVE watching Angie's weekly scopes because she continues to inspire my math block!!  Both of these ladies are so inspiring and continue to inspire me daily!  If you do not follow them yet, I cannot share enough how much you need to!  Both of them give me so much to be excited about and I can't wait until the next time I can see them and hug them!!

Interactive lessons are a must in my classroom, and a great way to get students moving and engaged in what they are learning

I have been LOVING my interactive lessons!  We have been engaged in lessons, working away in our interactive notebooks and working with hands on activities.  My students love their notebooks, and know exactly what to do to make sure that they are learning their new skills, practicing what they ache learned, and showing me what they know!  I am so happy that we don't have days full of worksheets, but are able to get up, move around the room, and have fun while we learn.

My teaching friends are some of my favorite people in the world!  They support me in all that I do and I know that I'm better because of them!

My bloggy besties are some of my favorite people!  These three ladies are AMAZING!!  I talk with these ladies DAILY!!  They inspire me, keep me motivated, encourage me, pray for me, and LOVE me!  I am so thankful for TPT that they brought these ladies into my life!  Jennifer, Ashlyn and Caitlin are amazing teachers that I know would do anything for me if I asked!  Ladies, I am forever in debt to you, and couldn't imagine my life without you!  Can you believe that we live so close, and without TPT we might never have met!?!

My family supports me and loves me!  I know I am better because of them!

The final thing I love and one of the most important in my life is my family!!  I have some of the most supportive parents IN THE WORLD!  They love and support me in every venture I go on!  They are willing to do anything to help me, including taking extra trips to the Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or anywhere else we might find amazing teaching supplies!  Plus, my parents, and my in-laws, take care of my sweet babies!  My precious Bubs and Princess are the light of my life, and I am so thankful that I am their mama!  My biggest fan, even if I forget it sometimes, is my husband!!  He is so supportive of my TPT venture, and I couldn't be more happy with where we are.  We are continuing to improve our marriage every day!  Who said that just because you were married you don't have to date any more!?  I am so thankful that he continues to support me, love me and date me!

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  1. You are wonderful!!!! I love the top image you made. You are so creative! Looking forward to seeing you soon, I hope!


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