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I know I say this every month, but really, I can't believe how quickly January flew by!!  It is amazing to me that January is already over!  I feel like it was just last week we were finishing up Christmas and now it is time to get ready for Valentine's Day!!

Tonight I am excited to be linking up with Farley for my favorite monthly linky Currently!!

Currently - February 2016, all about interviews, getting to work, and my amazing team!

If you read my post over Christmas break when I poured my heart out then you know that I am looking for a new job next year.  I am so excited because I have 3 interviews already lined up for this month!!  I was really nervous to start looking for a new job, but I know that God has big plans for me, and that He is going to take control of this situation and open doors!!

I know that a lot of you are going to make fun of me for this next one, but I am really hoping for some warmer weather!  It was cold today!  I know it's not cold like it is for you where it snows, but it was cold for us!  You don't understand, it was in the 70s here yesterday, and then today was down in the low 50s!  Too cold to be out there doing recess duty when the day before you are laying out by the pool!!

I am in need of a girl's night out!!  We did our groundhog predictions with my awesome team, and I was just looking around the room thinking about how much I am going to miss them next year.  I need to plan a girl's night out with them!!  I am going to miss them so much next year, but know that I am going to be put onto the perfect team next year too!!

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  1. I agree, January FLEW by!!!! I am so excited to hear you have three interviews!!! God's plan is a good one and you are going to do amazing things!!!! Good Luck!!!

  2. January did flew by. Good luck with those interviews.

  3. I am positive the interviews will be amazing, as you are phenomenal! However, I will still wish you luck, even though I am sure you do not need it!

  4. I am seriously considering a job change as well. Of course I have felt that way the last 3 January/ I never know if its just the crap weather in Michigan and lack of outdoor recess talking or if I'm really in need of a change :)

    Good luck with your interviews!


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