10 Minute Inservice - Part 2 Teaching Practices

Have you read The Ten-Minute Inservice yet?!  It is great!  I am so excited to be teaming up with these amazing ladies to bring you a book study on it!!

The Ten-Minute Inservice book study is a great way to learn new ideas to keep your staff excited about teaching!

The second section of the book is all about Teaching Practices!  I LOVE these!  This is where we get to figure out how we can become better teachers!  Isn't that what we all strive to be, the best teacher we can?!

Are you an effective teacher?!  What can you do to be better?!

The first two inservice ideas jumped off the page for me!  You are going to have your teachers take a test to determine if they think the teaching strategy is effective, or NOT effective.  Then you are going to have them pick one or two of those areas and have them work on them for the week to see how they can improve them!  I LOVE this idea because it is giving them something tangible to work on.  Then they will know that they shouldn't begin a lesson with please open the book to page 20.  I think it would be AWESOME if we were able to go through these things together, with your principal, so you would know exactly what your principal thinks are effective strategies or non-effective strategies.

Teaching bell to bell is something that great teachers do!  We want to make sure that our students are engaged!!

When you plan your lessons do you plan from bell to bell!?  This was a great inservice idea on how to discourage distractions from happening in your classroom.  When you have overplanned or planned out enough that there is not time for students to have down time, then you will limit the distractions in your classroom.  When students know that you have high expectations for what they are going to get down, and that you have another great activity planned for them, they are going to rise to the occasion and work from BELL to BELL!!  I LOVE this idea!!

Teaching like a COACH is a great way to keep your students excited and on their toes during the school day!

How many games have you been to where you see the coach sitting on the sideline not paying attention to what is going on out on the court or the field?  Anyone?  I don't think that I have ever been to a game like that and I know I didn't coach like that either.  So then, why is it that teachers find their desks so important in their classrooms!?  Now I know that we all like to be organized and have somewhere to keep all of that stuff that we have.  But, does that mean that you should have a super comfy teacher chair too!?  I don't think so, because you shouldn't be in it unless your kids AREN'T in your classroom.  Now I know I am guilty of this too, but I plan on tackling the fourth quarter with a new mindset!  A great coach doesn't sit on the bench and watch the game.  A great coach is UP and MOVING around during the game!  He is helping his players out and giving pointers.  What a great idea, to be a great teacher you can be a great coach.

School is FUN!!  School should not be a place that subtends dread, but somewhere they know that they get to spend the day learning and HAVING FUN!!

I firmly believe that school should be FUN!!  Yes, you should have structure, and yes you should teach BELL to BELL, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring!  As the teacher you need to set the stage and share the excitement!  I don't know anyone who doesn't this better than Hope King!!  I am sure that most of you know who she is, but if you don't, please go RUN and check her out!!

You need to be excited about what you are teaching!  Sure, it may not be something that you love, but if you aren't showing an excitement about what you are going to teach, then WHY are your students going to be EXCITED?!

If you are looking for some more EXCITING teachers to follow download PERISCOPE!  There are some AMAZING teachers on there that you will want to connect with!!  Ashley Schroeder, Angie Olson, Crystal Oswald, Ashlyn Ellsworth and Brooke Brown are some of my GO TO ladies who always inspire and get me ready for the next lesson!!

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  1. I agree; kids will rise up to our expectations! I couldn't believe it when one of my kids told me his former teacher would sit in her teacher chair all day and teach from the chair, calling out from across the room! Huh? Love the coach analogy! And you're spot on; there are so many great resources like Periscope, blogs, and Hope King :) available to us for improving our teaching! Thanks for your post!

  2. We are performers with an audience. Don't let our audience get bored! Be engaging and interacting and the students will respond :) I loved the book ideas you presented!

  3. I can't wait to get this book and try to implement it at my school. I'm going to be trying to join the PD team next year so I can have more influence on teachers!


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