Five for Friday ~ March 25

Today I am excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

This week has so much meaning to me and I am so blessed to work in a school where I am able to share my faith with my students.  This week we took a deep look into the last moments of Jesus's life, and reflected on what it meant to us.

An inspiring or thought provoking message on your whiteboard in the morning can set the tone for your whole day!  How do you want to inspire your students today!?

Do you follow Miss 5th on IG yet!?!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!  She has some of the most inspiring posts, an her white boards are AMAZING!!  I have started posting messages on my white board to my students every day! It is fun to come up with creative ways to inspire them and get them moving in the morning!

What is your go to school supply!?  I am working on a big project and need to know!!  If you follow me on IG then you saw this earlier this week!!  I have started packing my classroom and I have an entire BOX of post its!!  oops!!  #sorrynotsorry

There is something AWESOME coming to IG this afternoon!  If you do not follow me there yet, make sure you go now!!  You won't want to miss out on this TEE-rific opportunity!!

This song always speaks to me as Easter quickly approaches.  Jeremy Camp is one of my favorite artists, and this song has been one of my favorites for years!


  1. I love the inspirational quotes on the white board! I'm definitely starting that after spring break, especially since the stress of standardized testing is quickly approaching!

  2. I'll definitely be checking out the video. That song is a good one. It is so great that you're able to share your faith with your students. My husband, the kids, and I have been reading the gospels each night. Have a blessed Easter.
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. I love that song! I hope your family has a wonderful Easter as you celebrate our Savior!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers


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