30 Amazing Teachers ~ Lindsey

I'm so honored to be apart of my friend Cassandra's 30 amazing teachers series to celebrate her 30th! Thank you for thinking of me!!

My name is Lindsey, and I teach 3rd grade in southeast Iowa.

I also blog at Miss Johnston's Journey, and am a graphic/blog designer at L. Paull Designs for All. My designing journey is actually what brought Cassandra and I together initially. She chose me to design her blog! :D
*side note: I'm currently not blog designing*

So, in the spirit of birthdays (mine was just Saturday) I thought I'd share how I celebrate student birthdays in my classroom, and how I celebrate mine, too! Stay tuned for a freebie, and giveaway!

For student birthdays, I write them a card. 
I just get some blank colored ones from Target, and this year I used Creative Teaching Press birthday stickers to add a little something.

They absolutely LOVE getting their card, and always ask immediately if they can open it. 
For summer birthdays, I mail them their card! I've slacked off in the past, but this year I'm making it happen!

I also cover their chair with our happy birthday cover, give them the birthday hat, and a birthday pencil!
We also sign the Happy Birthday Song from Koo Koo Kangaroo on Go Noodle!

We celebrated my birthday on Thursday, because I had a workshop on Friday. It is one of my favorite days of the year, and my kids' too!
It's Pajama Day!
*I have 18 students currently, 2 were absent. This is a really small class size for me. I started the year with 23. I have had 12 changes to my roster with move-ins and move-outs.*

We enjoy donuts and milk in the morning. This year all of my students brought their personalized pillow pets I gave them for Valentine's Day.

It is a great, relaxing day! 

It's time for a freebie!
I created this mini seller kit for you all to enjoy!
I created a bunch of freebie graphics last year...you can check those out here!

We're not done!
Cassandra and I are giving away a $30 gift card to my favorite place... Target!

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  1. I give them a birthday pencil have the class sing happy birthday.


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