30 Amazing Teachers ~ Rachel

Hey y'all!
I am beyond excited that Cassandra has asked me to be a part of her 30th birthday celebration!
Cassandra is the best online friend out there!  
She is so sweet and I am so glad I have "met" her!
I hope to one day meet her in real life!!
Spring is one of my favorite times of the year!
And one of my favorite ways to bring in a new season is with poetry!
Even though April is poetry month, I like to teach poetry all year long.
This week in my class, we have really jumped in to the discussion of figurative language!
We made these alliteration rainbows and they were a big hit!
My favorite thing to do is have my kiddos writing poetry.
My kiddos this year are huge fans of acrostic poems! 
We probably have written an acrostic poem for every holiday/season this year!
I created these Spring poetry writing pages for you to use in your class!
You can grab those here!
Hope you are getting some fabulous spring weather and if not, I hope it's coming for you soon!!

Happy Spring!!

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