Five for Friday!!

This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and I am so excited for this linky party!  I did something like this on my family blog for a while, but then summer break ended, and I stopped blogging over there as much.  Then I started blogging here, and entered the TPT world!!

This week has been my spring break!  I have loved every minute of it!  I can't believe that it is already Friday though!  I have done no planning yet!!  EEEK!!  I have been able to spend so much time with my kids this week, which has been great!  I'm sad that I will have to hand them back over to grandmas on Monday!

I won a giveaway on Facebook!!  I very rarely win, so I was shocked to see an email from Ashley at Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd!!  I was so excited to win her helping verbs pack, and then realized that I had already bought it preparing for our upcoming unit!  I talked with her about it though, and I am going to be able to give this copy that I won away!!  Stay tuned next week for a giveaway!!

I am so excited the hubby and I made an appointment to talk with someone yesterday about refinancing our house!  We are in need of a second car, and we have been in our house long enough that we own more of our home so we can get rid of that PMI business!  We started the refinance process today and are just waiting for an appraisal now!!  I can't wait!!

This weekend I am going on a girl's trip!  I can't wait!  My bible study group decided in January that we all needed a weekend getaway!  So, we scheduled a trip for the end of our spring break and that day is now here!!  We are going up to Sedona for the weekend!  I am so excited, and can't wait for 2:00!!

I started buying stuff for my baby girl's first birthday party this week!  I knew if I didn't do it soon then I would run out of time and not get everything I wanted.  I can't believe that next month we will have a one year old!  My son is now talking in full sentences and in August he could barely say two word phrases!  I am amazed at how quickly my children are growing up!!


  1. That's awesome you can refinance! We just bought our house in Sept. and PMI is the WORST (almost as bad as that other acronym that starts with PM...)

    Enjoy your weekend away! : )

    1. I know!! We are so glad to be able to refinance! Hopefully it will allow us to be able to buy a second car too! We have only owned one car since my son was born in 2011!!

  2. I had sooo much fun planning out my daughter's first birthday party!! It was hard not spending a ton of money.. most of the time I kept telling myself, "She only has one first birthday.." My husband didn't always agree. lol

  3. I hope that you have an amazing weekend away! I can't believe that you are planning your daughter's first birthday and we are celebrating our girl's 15th! Enjoy it because it really does fly by! I remember Caity's first birthday like it just happened! Let's pick a day for lunch soon! Can't wait to meet up with you!


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