Sunday Funday . . . Link Up and GIVEAWAY!!

Sorry that I have been missing here lately.  My bible study ladies and I are reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker, and for the last two weeks we eliminated technology from our lives.  Not all technology, but we were trying to eliminate 7 pieces of technology, or 7 things that we did too much.  I did not give up IG or TPT, but felt like Bloglovin' or my own blog would be okay if I stepped away for two weeks.  Needless to say, I am way behind in what everyone has been doing!!

I am excited to link up with Jennifer at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for a Peek at My Week!

I am excited that Easter is coming up in just a few short weeks because that means I will be able to start sharing the Easter story with my kids!! Be on the look out for some awesome products that will go over the true meaning of Easter!!  Plus of course I will have some fun math activities that we'll be able to do, as well as writing assignments.

This week we are going to be using some of my new spring math centers, as well as some other favorites!!  

Early in the week my kids will use Ashley's memory game to help them review the names for the different shapes, and then later in the week we will use the Scoot exercise for my review.  On Friday I am going to add the assessment page she created with my test to make sure that they have mastered the names of the different shapes.  You can grab her great product here, and make sure you grab it before her sale is over!!

We are continuing to work on fractions, and making sure that we understand how to name fractions.  I am excited for my students to complete both the picture and word problem fractions.  I know that the word problems will be harder for my students, but they will do great with the challenge!  These are on sale in my store until tomorrow night!

We are also working on an opinion writing piece, thanks to a goodie that Creative Teaching Press sent me!!  These plans aren't as visual, but they help me to map out what we are doing.  We are finishing our final leprechaun story, and my kids LOVE Bailey School kids.  I have so many kids who are reading all of the rest of the stories too!

Thanks to Creative Teaching Press we are working on an opinion piece.  CTP sent me these awesome opinion writing organizers.  We wear uniforms at our school, so I figured writing about what their opinion is on wearing uniforms would be perfect for our first try.  We are just starting these, so I'm excited to see how great these are going to be.  I'm already excited that they will help my students stay organized, and they can't lose all of their ideas this way!

Finally I am excited to announce that I have reached 775 followers on IG!!  I posted the other day that I would do something exciting for this, so . . . I am having my first GIVEAWAY!!  My store is on sale until tomorrow night, with everything marked down 20%!!  I also put my Superhero math activity on sale for $1!!  This is a 50% discount, which is why you will not see it marked as On Sale!

My kids loved the Superhero activities, and I hope yours will too!  The best part is that you can use them at any point during the school year!!

Not only will you win my superhero pack, both my writing and math activities, but you can choose any item from my store, for the next YEAR!!  I am so thankful to each of you for your support in this process and I know that each of you help me to become a better teacher!!

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  1. Wonder Woman...for being confident in the world of superheroes (which is largely denominated by males!).

  2. I really liked Batman because he was a normal human who fought with all the superheroes with superpowers and held his own.

  3. Rogue from Xmen has always been my favorite superhero. For one, she was a woman and on top of that she was one hell of a strong woman. I think I may have dressed up as her several times in my

  4. Good for you for stepping away from technology for awhile. I often try to remember what life was like before we had instant access to other people through our phones. Ahhh...the good old days. Thanks for linking up & have a great week!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  5. Storm from X-Men because she is tough and has cool powers


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