March Currently

I can't believe that it is already March!  These past two months have just FLOWN by!!

I am linking up with Farley, over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for March's currently!!

Most of my things are pretty easy to understand!

My hubby and I are both sitting at our table working so we put in our new CD by The Afters!  LOVE!

I am loving that we had a lazy Saturday yesterday!  Our kids are up at my parent's house, so we were able to do things as we wanted, and to relax!  We watched way more Netflix then I care to admit!

I am thinking and missing my kids A LOT!!  I haven't seen them since Tuesday, other than Face Time, and I miss their giggles, craziness, and even their cries in the middle of the night for mama.

I am really wanting to know answers!  There are a lot of unknowns about next year, and I wish some of them could be answered sooner rather than later.

At school this week is our craziness celebrating our school.  The teachers have also put something together for the Talent Show.  For the past three years my bestie at work took charge and did it for us.  Since she left, no one else has stepped up and that means it fell back on my lap.  I am no where near as talented as she is in this area, so needless to say as of right now I still have NOTHING!!  Our talent show is Thursday, but before that I have four full days of craziness at school.  We may just have nothing this year, and hopefully then that would show others that they need to step up and volunteer their time as well!

Can you figure out what my answers would be to!?!  I will update the post once someone guesses, or after a few guesses!!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Question: Where is the next blogger conference and what do you want to discuss the most?

    I haven't been to Lake Tahoe either - maybe when I make it to the Grand Canyon, I can go there, too.

    1. Close!! Lake Tahoe is beautiful, and you should totally go!! It is twelve hours away from the Grand Canyon though!!


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