End of the year goodbyes

My end of the year was a hard one.  I had so many mixed emotions about this school year ending.  I love teaching, and I love third grade.  I had really contemplated, talked about, and thought about switching grades this year.  I even told my administration that I would be open to moving, but I am in third grade again next year.  It’s not that I don’t want to be there, but I am ready to work with someone, and be able to collaborate, and bounce ideas off of someone.  I love the TPT, IG and blogging world for just this, but it’s so nice to be able to plan with someone!

I started teaching third grade at my current school in 2008.  My school goes from preschool through eighth grade. This also meant that this year’s graduating class was my first class.  I know that we aren’t supposed to have favorites, but this first class was AMAZING!!  The girls in this class have been more than just past students.  I have not only taught these girls, I coached them through two school seasons, one preseason, and two YMCA seasons of volleyball.  Please keep in mind that I have never played volleyball in my life!!  These girls made coaching fun though and kept me on my toes.

I have gone through A LOT with these girls. When they were going into fifth grade one of the girls was in a very tragic plane accident.  It was the year I was supposed to have her little brother, and the accident took both her brother, and her mom.  I visited this student while she was in the hospital, when doctors told us that she would never be able to walk, or talk again.  I am proud to say that she is a MIRACLE!! She was back in school before Christmas of that year, and graduated with the Light of Christ award!  She is not only an inspiration, but one of the nicest people I know!

I have had many dinners with the families of these girls.  One family had me over for dinner every week until my son was born in 2011!  Not only did I get to eat some amazing food at these dinners, but I also got to spend quality time outside of school with this girl, her older sister, and her parents. I know they support me, and would back me.

We have also gone through some of our friends moving away, and even moving to different states!  It is amazing the bond that these girls not only have with each other, but also with me.  We have kept in contact all the way from Pennsylvania, and we make plans every time she comes back!

Every year our school has an auction, and as teachers we donate something to be auctioned.  The teacher items typically go for a lot, as kids enjoy spending time with us.  For the past six years I’ve been able to hang out with these same group of girls, as they have always won my day! The girl who won my day this year is the girl who moved away to Pennsylvania too!  It was so amazing, and we were so lucky that she was able to come back for the last month of school to graduate with her class. 

Graduation and the last day of school were super hard.  The dad of one of the girls made the end of the year video, and it was amazing to see pictures he was able to find from the past six years of the girls and I to put in the video.  One of the girls gave the graduation speech this year, and she left me teary-eyed as well!  Then when we had to walk out, and give all of the graduates hugs or handshakes I just kept on crying!!  I love this class! 

These girls have been my morning hugs, mid midmorning laughs, lunch time hellos, and afternoon pick me ups.  When I return to school in August I won’t see them carrying books down the hall to class any more, or hear their laughter from another classroom.  I won’t have my morning hugs, or the friendly smiles.  I am going to miss these girls more than they know, and can’t imagine going back to work without them.

My class this year was AMAZING!!  I was able to spend a lot of time at lunch with the kids in this class, and am hopeful that as my first class is leaving, I will be reminded of the amazing relationship I’ve built with other kids over the past six years as well.

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